When you hear the term “rose water,” does it bring to mind the fragrance of a dozen roses?  Organic rose water does smell wonderful, but did you know it can do many amazing things?  Let's take a brief look at five benefits of organic rose water.

 Anti-inflammatory properties

 You might not know it, but organic rose water has anti-inflammatory properties.  Do you ever wake up with redness and puffiness under your eyes?  A cotton pad soaked in rose water and applied to your eyes (or any inflamed area) will reduce puffiness.  It will also offer relief to skin irritated by eczema.


 Anti-bacterial properties

 Organic rose water has anti-bacterial properties.  It is a wonderful, natural way to fight acne! Simply wipe your face with a rose-water-soaked cotton ball to remove bacteria, dirt, and grime.  It also acts as a toner by tightening pores. Spritzing rose water on your face after washing can help you fight pimple-causing bacteria, and leave your face looking smooth and fresh.

 Moisturizing properties

 Organic rose water acts as an excellent natural moisturizer.  If you have sensitive skin, you are aware of how the added fragrances and chemicals in some moisturizers can cause irritation.  Organic rose water has a natural fragrance and offers you a wonderful smelling moisturizer without harsh chemicals. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.  Moisturizing your skin regularly also helps keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

 Hair conditioning

 Organic rose water is a great hair conditioner.  Whether you combine organic rose water with your shampoo, or use it as a final rinse, it will leave your hair shiny and soft.  When conditioning with organic rose water, you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals found in other store bought conditioners such as propylene glycol, which is linked to liver, kidney, and brain damage, or methylisothiazoline, which has been linked to central nervous system damage.  Organic rose water can even help with the mild scalp inflammation associated with dandruff. 


 We have already briefly mentioned the great smell of organic rose water, but did you know it's great for aromatherapy, too? Its scent helps calm nerves and reduce feelings of anxiety.  When added to a warm bath, it not only relaxes you, but moisturizes your body and leaves you with a hint of scent.  Some say organic rose water's fragrance can even act as an aphrodisiac.  If you have trouble sleeping, its aromatherapy properties can help you sleep more soundly – just lightly apply it to your pillow.  Let organic rose water help you start the journey to a more relaxed, less stressed you.

 As you can see, organic rose water is something that you need in your daily routine.  There are so many benefits, you don't want to miss out.  Almost everyone could go for fresher and healthier skin, shiny and smoother hair, and more relaxation.  The good thing is, you can start today with a bottle of organic rose water.




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