2020 Holiday Gift Guide


It definitely is the most wonderful time of the year. Not only because it’s the holiday season where people’s spirits lift in the wake of a new year and the feeling of a fresh start, but also It’s the time to spoil our friends and families and show them how much we love them through gifts, no matter how big or small. 

We created this gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones, or even for yourself because, we all deserve a little bit of self-love, too! 

For the: Friend that works too hard 

We all have a friend with a full-time job, who is overworked and has no time for her self-care! Treat her this year to the gift of an at-home spa, so that she can finally relax her body and spoil herself without having to spend money at an actual spa! 

For the: Friend who needs to treat herself 

We could all enjoy a facial every now and then, but professional facials are just too expensive and can even be time consuming for some! But you don’t need to worry because we offer all the products you need for an at-home facial that will leave skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the holiday season! 

For the: Friend who loves to create her own products 

DIY is not for everyone, but for those who love creating their own DIY projects, these products are KEY! Give the gift of creativity with this DIY kit! Our products make it easy and fun to make your own candles, balms and more! 

For the: Friend who wants a soothing night in  

2020 was not an easy year for many of us, and with all of the drama occurring it has been easy to forget our own self-care. This kit is ideal for those friends who haven’t had the time this year to give some soothing love to themselves. 

For the: Friend who loves to take long baths 

Who doesn’t love bath time? The chance to relax by yourself, maybe play some of your favorite tunes and treat your mind and body to some relaxation. This kit is the perfect gift for those who love to bask in their bath time and give themselves the full experience.