5 Gym Bag Essentials


We all know we should bring a water bottle and headphones with us when we go to the gym - but there's a few other essentials that get overlooked and are equally just as vital (hint, hint - a first aid kit) - here's what else you need to pack:


Each time we use a machine at the gym and wipe it down with a paper towel, we create waste. Rather than throwing away single-use wipes - carry a small, gym towel in your bag instead. Not only is it more eco-friendly, but the groves in the towel can provide a deeper clean. We also recommend packing a microfiber towel to clean off sweat as you work out. Microfiber tends to be non-irritating and can absorb excess moisture without leaving skin stripped.

Witch Hazel Facial Toner 

Many of us want to wait until we get back to the comfort of our home before doing our skincare routine. We get it—but putting off cleansing the face allows  all the bacteria, oil, and sweat released while working out to settle into skin and can clog pores. That’s why we recommend taking care of skin immediately after a workout.

We love our Witch Hazel Toners because they act as an extra cleansing step to help remove all the leftover impurities your regular cleanser may have missed.  Plus, our toners have anti-bacterial and soothing properties that help balance pH and leave skin feeling refreshed.

Arnica Muscle Rub Stick 

Post-workout muscle soreness doesn’t have to be a norm—as long as you invest time into post workout recovery. Along with getting hydrating, getting enough sleep, and eating healthy, our Arnica Muscle Rub combines the skin-soothing properties of arnica, cooling menthol, and 300 MG of hemp-derived, broad spectrum CBD to calm irritated skin and give the body a boost.

Grip Gloves 

If you’re lifting at the gym, grip gloves are a must. Not only do grip gloves help you more easily keep hold of weights, but they act as a protective barrier to help prevent callous and blisters from forming as a result of irritation and strain on hands while working out.

First Aid Kit 

Though the gym you’re using should carry basic essentials like bandages and peroxide for minor scrapes and cuts - it never hurts to have a set of your own! Along with the basics, we recommending packing things like over-the-counter pain relief, disinfectant wipes, and bandage wraps to help reduce any swelling or sprains that may happen while working out.