5 Habits that are Impacting Your Lash Growth


We all want our lashes to be long and healthy. So much so that we put them through heavy makeup, curlers that look like medieval torturing tools and even extensions just to get that bambi look. 

Unless you're treating your lashes to simple ingredients that help them from the root, like our Castor Oil, you're actually just hurting them to get that temporary length! Here are ways that you could be potentially harming your lashes: 

Wearing too much waterproof mascara 

Waterproof mascara is perfect for those days that you just know will be emotionally loaded, or just super long. It's totally ok to use it from time to time, but it's also important for you to know the effects it can have on your lashes! The same ingredient that is used to make waterproof mascara last longer can dry out your lashes and make them brittle, and more apt to break! So maybe rethink the waterproof mascara next time you're applying your makeup. 

Makeup wipes 

This brings me to my next points: makeup wipes. Not only can makeup wipes be harmful for your face, they can be extremely tough on your lashes. You have to scrub away on your lashes to fully remove your eye makeup and that makes them prone to fall out. It's important to use an oil-based makeup remover, like our Fractionated Coconut Oil, to gently remove your makeup around your eyes without harming your lashes. 

Sleeping with your makeup on 

You've probably heard how wearing makeup to bed is bad for your skin. Sleeping in mascara can also be problematic for your lashes. The mascara is actually making them more prone to snap because the product hardens the lashes, and the friction against your pillow can cause breakage. Yes, lash breakage is a thing

Excessive use of eyelash curler 

Curlers are really great. They help to further beautiful our natural eyelashes giving them instant length. However, you need to be careful when using them on your eyelashes. Don’t press your curlers (press between 5 to 10 sec) too hard on your eyelashes this can lead to a weakening of the roots leading to shedding of the eyelashes.

Pulling on your lash extensions 

Although lash extensions themselves don't necessarily harm your lashes, removing them incorrectly does hurt them! Lash extensions use medical grade glue to attach individual hairs to the root of your natural lashes and that tension could cause your real hair to fall out. If you do opt for lash extensions, allow them to shed naturally and resist the urge to tug.