5 Surprising Uses for Your Favorite S.O Products


Frankly, we don’t have the time or patience to shift through a thousand different products as we do our beauty routine. That’s why we pride ourselves in making essentials that are simply formulated and multipurpose staples so you can feel good using them on your face, body, wherever.  

Tinted Lip Balms as blush/highlighters  

Our Tinted Lip Balms come in four natural shades Shimmer, for a more subtle, glowing look, Pink Champagne, for a light rosy hue, Plum for a soft, purple blushand Raisin- our deepest tinted shade, creates a bold, vivacious blush across cheeks. To apply, dab a small amount of your favorite lip balm shade onto your cheekbones with a clean fingertip and pat onto skin in an upwards motion.  

Organic Castor Oil as a lip gloss  

We’re always touting Organic Castor Oil for being our hair holy grail that nourishes and balances the hair and scalp – well, surprise! It can also be used to moisturize lips and keep them super soft— and give lips the shine of a lip gloss without the goopy feeling most glosses leave behindPlace a small amount of Organic Castor Oil on a cotton swab or a clean finger and gently apply as you would regular lipstick.  

Tea Tree Witch Hazel Toner as dry shampoo  

Witch Hazel is naturally astringent, meaning it helps bring moisture while absorbing excess oils. Paired with Tea Tree Oil’s anti-bacterial and skin-soothing properties that help purify and soothe scalp, our Tea Tree Toner is super helpful for those days you don’t want to do a full wash routine. Just spritz a couple sprays of our toner in dry hair and using clean fingers massage from the scalp all the way to ends. 

Indian Healing Clay as an arm-pit detox  

When skin beneath our arms get congested, it can lead to uneven, dark pigmentation and not-so-pleasant odors. Our Indian Healing Clay can help detox armpits by washing away dirt and extracting smelly toxins. Add one-part apple cider vinegar and one-part Indian Healing Clay into a bowl. Mix with a wooden spoon until smooth before applying beneath the arms. Leave the mask on for 10 minutes before gently washing off with water.  

Shea Butter as hand cream 

Being raw and unrefined, our Shea Butter retains all its beneficial fatty acids that make it ultra-rich and moisturizing on dry hands. Our Shea Butter melts easily and spreads smoothly to nourish dry hands and keep skin feeling soft and smooth—without the oiliness.