Avocado oil contains a number of essential fatty acids, including high quantities of monounsaturated oleic acid. Oleic acid is a major component of olive oil, and features countless benefits such as reducing the risk of cancer and autoimmune diseases, as well as healing wounds and reducing inflammation. Oleic acid can also be consumed to ward off microbial infections.

Moreover, since oleic acid is oxidation-resistant, avocado oil stays fresh for much longer than most other oils. It is very stable, which means that people can cook with avocado oil at high temperatures without compromising its structural integrity or losing out on its health benefits.

Avocado oil is incredibly rich in vitamin E. As such, it improves skin and eye health, enhances the immune system, and heals wounds quickly. In addition, it improves memory and strengthens the digestive tract.


We have selected for you the 5 best uses for Avocado Oil:

Strengthens the Heart

Avocado oil is anti-inflammatory in nature and reduces the risk of heart disease by protecting the arteries. Consuming it on a regular basis will help stabilize the blood pressure as well.

Facilitates Weight Loss

Avocado oil is full of nutrients. The vitamins and essential fatty acids in avocado oil keep you energized and satiated for longer periods of time.

Regenerates the Skin

The perfect combination of detoxifying and nourishing, avocado oil contains vitamins and minerals that not only keep you feeling good, but looking good as well. Apply avocado oil topically as a moisturizer in order to strengthen your cells. In addition to vitamin E and essential fatty acids, avocado oil contains a great deal of potassium and lecithin, both of which feature fortifying properties and are easily absorbed into the skin.

Softens the Hair

After washing your hair, massage avocado oil into your scalp and reap the benefits of its strengthening properties. Either use it alone or combine it with other essential oils. Either option will promote hair growth while improving the structure and overall appearance of your hair.


Best Uses for Avocado Oil



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