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5 Uses for Hemp Seed Oil

5 Uses for Hemp Seed Oil


Hemp Seed Oil is extracted by cold-pressing the seeds of the cannabis plant instead of its flowers, which is where the THC is stored, so it contains 0 THC and has no psychoactive effects, contrary to what some people may believe. 

This extremely versatile ingredient has been used for centuries due to its lightweight texture, incredible soothing and moisturizing benefits, and the omega fatty acids that it naturally contains. Read on to learn more about the different ways you can use Hemp Seed Oil in your everyday routine: 

Facial Oil

Hemp Seed Oil works as an incredible moisturizer because of its lightweight texture that effortlessly sinks into your skin. It helps moisturize your skin without clogging your pores, so it’s great at regulating your skin's oil production and supporting a clear and radiant complexion. Hemp Seed Oil also helps support a healthy skin barrier, so if your skin has been compromised from too much exfoliating, this oil helps calm it down and replenish your skin’s moisture barrier. 

Hair Mask 

Since it’s rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and high in Vitamin E, hemp seed oil is ideal to help improve your hair and scalp health. Hemp seed oil is exactly what your dry hair needs to restore a healthy, shiny appearance from your roots all the way to your tips. 

Post-shave Oil 

Hemp Seed soothes and softens your skin, which makes it an incredible oil to use post-shaving, especially for those with sensitive skin. It is packed with healthy vitamins A & E that moisturize and protect your skin to help it combat razor bumps and burns. 

Cuticle Softener 

You can also use Hemp Seed Oil on and around your nails to soften the skin around your nails. Not only will this help strengthen the area, but it also helps hydrate it to prevent dryness and cracking in the future. 

Natural Makeup Remover

Hemp Seed Oil works great as a makeup remover, without it stripping your skin. You can use a soft cloth or cotton swab and gently massage the Hemp Seed Oil into the makeup on your face to effortlessly remove it from your skin. Your face will feel clean, soft and moisturized - but never tight. 

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