Generally, the benefits of essential oils have been well-known. Though there is one oil that stands out more than the others – that is Lavender Oil. Lavender oil can be diffused in your house through a Sky Organics aromatherapy diffuser, or it can be applied topically by itself or by mixing it with other natural products. You will find in our blog section numerous recipes with Lavender Oil, such as body butters, shower melts, or a dandruff soother.

Relaxation and Anxiety Relief

The calming scent of Lavender Oil is excellent for treating nervous tensions, emotional stress, depression and anxiety. Studies show that Lavender helps regulate heart rate and decrease mental stress while increasing cognitive functions.

Sleep Better

Lavender Oil does only help you decrease anxiety, but also relax and clear your mind before going to bed. It’s a natural remedy for insomnia as it induces sleep. Either diffuse in your bedroom at night, or let a few drops drip on you pillow.

Relief Headaches and Menstrual Cramps

Because Lavender affects both psychological and physiological aspects of our body, it is great at relieve menstrual cramps and headaches. The most effective method is by inhalation (aromatherapy).

Help Urine Flow

If you have urinary disorders, lavender essential oil can stimulate the production of urine. Also, it restores hormonal balance and it reduces the irritation of the urinary bladder or cystitis. It likewise reduces the cramps that come along with urinary disorders.

Sooth Respiratory Disorder

For problems related to respiratory disorders, the lavender oil is useful. Problems like: cough, throat infections, sinus congestion, flu, bronchitis, cols, laryngitis, asthma, tonsillitis, and whooping cough, can be treated with the lavender oil.

Sky Organics’ Lavender Oil is 100% pure, Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free. The Lavender comes from artisanal farmers in France, and the oil is cold pressed from it. This means for you that all the nutrients and vitamins are kept intact.


5 Benefits of Lavender Oil



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