5 Ways To Feel Well


With so much happening around us all the time—it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. When you’re feeling down in the dumps, dwelling on those feelings never helps—here’s five other things to do instead.

Do something creative

Not only does creating something fill us with a sense of purpose, it also keeps the mind active and less likely to think on the things that worry us. Being creative doesn’t have to be daunting. If you’re a writer—write something! Take a cute selfie and turn it into a collage, paint a picture, embroidery a pillow, you can even make macaroni art if you want to. When it comes creating, the key is not putting pressure on yourself to make something amazing, just have fun.

Be kind to yourself

When is kindness not the answer? There are many ways to be kind to yourself: cutting out negative self-talk, writing out a list of positive affirmations, and saying all the things you're grateful for. Being kind to yourself can be simpler too like making sure you get seven hours of rest or reading a blog post about how to feel well. 😉

Lend a helping hand 

Helping others is win-win situation all around. It doesn’t just make us happy—it also brightens someone else’s day. Even something as small as holding the door for someone and hearing them say thank you can spark joy.

Take a walk in nature

There is a lot of research around the benefits of spending time in nature. It can lower our feelings of stress by helping us slow down and appreciate the world around us. For those who are stuck in the hub and bustle of the city or don’t like the idea of bugs—that’s okay! Just walking around outside taking in some sunshine for as little as 20 minutes can significantly boost your mood.

Read a good book 

Just like with creating something, reading busies the mind so we don’t spend time thinking about our worries. As we read, our brains enter a trance-like state similar to meditation. We become absorbed into the world of the novel instead of our worries.