5 Ways To Find Joy at Home


As we take extra precautions to limit our time outside and work remote, it’s easy to feel disconnected and unsure of what to do  but there are many ways to find joy in the comfort of our homes.  

Virtual Tours  

Traveling doesn’t have to stop because youre at home. Many museums, zoos, and aquariums offer virtual toursVisit the mud volcanoes and Mammoth Hot Springs at Yosemite National Park, watch penguins play in the water at Monterey Bay Aquariumor go international and explore exhibits at The Lourve—all while in your pajamas.  

Spa Time 

Transform your home into a luxurious spa by setting up self-care stations around the house. 

Mani & Pedi Station 

Use this station to unwind by soaking feet in warm water for 10 minutes using our Epsom Salt. Once feet have been soothed, use our Shea Butter to lock-in moisture and keep skin soft. Then, pick out your favorite polish and paint your nails! We even wrote a blog post for a DIY Cuticle Oil to keep nails healthy and strong. 

Face First Station  

You can’t have spa day without treating your face! Here’s an easy skincare routine for this station: 

-Deep cleanse skin with a face mask. Our Indian Healing Clay can be used to detox skin by lifting impurities and extracting toxins from pores. If you want a gentler cleanse, our Dead Sea Mud Mask moisturizes skin and washes away dirtrevealing a more even-looking, glowing complexion 

-Tone with our Witch Hazel Facial Toners. Don’t know which toner is right for you? We wrote a blog post to help you decide! 😉 

-Use a face oil to keep skin moisturized and radiant. We recommend our Grapeseed Oil. Lightweight and fatty-acid rich, this oil works on all skin types to hydrate dry areas and maintain skin’s moisture balance.   

The “Mane” Attraction Station 

Give your hair the attention it deserves with a hair mask. Warm up our Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in a bowl until it’s fully melted and mix a small amount of our Organic Castor Oil in. A natural source of essential fatty acids, both oils help nourish dry, damaged hair to hydrate and fortify strands. For an extra boost add some drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and take advantage of its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that balance dry scalp. Leave the mask in for 10 minutes before rinsing out.  

Family Yoga  

Roll out your mats, pour a couple drops of essential oils in a diffuser, and take a deep breath in, exhale out. Pro-tip – video call your friends and turn your yoga session into a virtual class for everyone to enjoy! 

Make Art 

Are you close to finishing your Sky Organics products – don’t throw those bottles away! Repurpose our bottles by painting over labels and using them as make-shift vase for flowers, a centerpiece for the table, or hang them up for a DIY wind chime. 

Watch Art   

With so many events being canceled, the Social Distancing Festival has emerged to save the day! This festival is more of an online community made to celebrate and showcase all the exhibits and performances canceled as everyone stays home. Just this week alone, the festival has featured an opera from Paris, a dancer from Tanzania, and a production of The Wizard of Oz.