5 Ways To Switch Up Your Skincare Routine For Winter

Fuzzy sweaters, holiday decor, presents —there are plenty of reasons to get excited about winter. But as the season change, the way our skin reacts to the cooling temperatures changes too. Here’s how to avoid dry, dehydrated skin this winter:

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

You already know moisturizing is important—during winter it becomes essential. We recommend replacing your regular moisturizer with a face oil. Face oils seep deeper into the skin to provide long-lasting hydration and more compatible with the skin than moisturizers.

Our Fall recommendation: Vitamin E Oil

  • helps hydrate skin and calm irritation brought on by cold fronts

Use a facial mist!

A face mist is a great, fuss-free way to refresh and hydrate skin throughout the day without clogging pores.

Our Fall recommendation: Rosewater Facial Mist

  • helps hydrate and soften dry skin, balance pH, and calm redness
  • Bonus: it’s ideal for all skin types!

Bring out the hydrating face masks

Using a face mask at least once a week can help hydrate skin and give it a radiant and glowing appearance.

Our Fall recommendation: Dead Sea Mud Mask

  • helps calm and moisturize skin and promote a balanced complexion

Swap lotion for a body butter

Body butters are thicker than lotions, which allows them to form a protective barrier on skin that seals and locks in moisture.

Our Fall Recommendation: Shea Butter

  • gives intense hydration and softness to skin, boosting its overall radiance and bounce

Healthy hair starts at the scalp!

The cooling temperature doesn’t just irritate skin, it also dries hair and increases the chances of split hairs and dandruff. Doing a weekly, deep condition nourishes hair and helps moisturize and repair damaged strands.

Our Fall Recommendation: Coconut Oil with Vitamin E

  • full of nourishing fatty acids and glow-boosting antioxidants that help hydrate and soften dry hair



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