5 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Our Organic Castor Oil


You’re not supposed to say it when you have a favorite – but we’d be lying to say our Organic Castor Oil wasn’t one of our regular go-to essentials. A natural source of rich fatty acids, our Organic Castor Oil helps condition and moisturize whenever you need it 👌 

Here are a few new ways to try using our Organic Castor Oil 👇


Leave-in Serum

By now we’ve made it clear our Organic Castor Oil is our hair holy grail. Its ability to deliver and seal-in moisture makes it perfect for those wanting to help moisturize and balance scalp dryness while supporting healthier fuller-looking hair. Even though we’re always talking about hair masks, leave-in serums get the job done too – are they are especially beneficial for people with thick, low porosity hair types that need want a longer treatment.

To use our Organic Castor Oil as a leave-in serum apply a few drops onto the fingertips and massage onto dry scalp, edges, and ends of hair that tend to need the most moisture!

Hair Mist

Because our Castor Oil is 100% pure – it plays great with others! When we want to help boost the manageability, moisture, and shine of hair, we combine our two favorites – Organic Castor Oil with Organic Argan Oil.

Sometimes the two oils together tend to be too heavy for those with finer hair types, so we recommend filling a spray body halfway with water and then adding a few drops of both oils. Shake well and then spray to hair to help refresh and smooth down flyaways. This hair mist works great for those with protective styles that want to give hair shine and moisture without having to comb through it!

Body Moisturizer

Dy skin needs love too! Organic Castor Oil works great to help moisturize and soften dry patches on the body like our knees, elbows, heels – even cuticles (we touch on that in the next section 😉).

Just remember, a little goes a long way. No need to slather oil all over like a massage oil – what we usually do is add a couple drops of our Organic Castor Oil into our favorite body butter for an extra hydrating boost for skin!

Cuticle Oil

Dry cuticles are the worst thing ever, but there’s no reason for them to stay that way! Castor Oil’s natural fatty acids help nourish and soften dry cuticles to help keep it healthy!

To make a quick DIY cuticle oil—we recommend pouring 1 TSBP of Castor Oil and 2 TSP of Vitamin E Oil in a bowl and soaking fingertips for 3 minutes. Wipe with warm water and a paper towel. You can follow up by rubbing our Organic Shea Butter on hands and around cuticles to help keep them soft! If you don’t want to soak your fingers – that’s okay. Pour the oil mix into a glass dropper bottle and apply on cuticles in the morning. 

Natural Lip Gloss

Sometimes we just want moisturized lips with a little bit of shine. Organic Castor Oil is a great way to keep dry lips quenched – without feeling sticky or heavy on lips. Apply one to two drops of oil on a cotton swab and then apply to lips as you would a normal lip gloss! Easy!



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Haitian Black Castor Oil for Sale

CETPA (Center for Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products) is pleased to announce that it has available for immediate sale large supplies of its pure Haitian Black Castor Oil.

This superior product is prepared at our plant in Mirebalais in Haiti’s Central Plateau, and is fully compliant with national and international standards. Ask for Laboratory Certificate.

We have in stock and ready for immediate sale, Haitian Black
Castor Oil, in large and small quantities, wholesale or retail.

Please contact us for information on pricing, shipping, or anything else:

Proprietor: Louis Estiverne
Haiti + 509 4229-0919
USA +1 718-744-8466
Whatsapp +509 4856-9557
534, Route de Lascahobas, localité Belanger, Mirebalais, Haiti
US outlet: Brooklyn, NY

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