Argan Oil: What Your Hair Really Needs


Commonly known as Moroccan Oil or the “Liquid Gold”, Argan Oil get its name because it is pressed from the nuts of the Argan tree. 

Argan Oil’s popularity can be attributed to its ability to tame frizz and repair damaged hair. Regular application will also leave your hair glowing, light, and shiny.

Leave-in Conditioner

Using Argan Oil as a leave-in conditioner is a great way of maximizing its benefits and intensifying your hair’s shine. As opposed to many leave-ins, Argan Oil does not leave sticky residues, and doesn’t make your hair greasy.

Styling Agent

Using Argan Oil to style your hair has triple benefits. You can tame frizz, add shine, and save time simultaneously. Long term-use of Argan, unlike other styling agents, will not damage your hair. On the contrary, it will repair damage done by other styling products.

Hair Mask

To maximize the effects of Argan Oil, you may use it as a hair mask. This will allow all of the nutrients to be absorbed as much as possible. It’s like treating your hair to a spa day. Your hair will feel soft, smooth, voluminous and glowing. It will also protect your hair from harmful UV rays.


Our cold-pressed and unrefined Argan Oil is sourced directly from artisanal farmers in Morocco. The oil is cold-pressed, meaning no heat is applied when extracting the oil from the nut, therefore the oil retains all of its nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids, which are then passed on to you for maximum benefits.

 Argan Oil



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