Avoiding Maskne


Maskne is a real thing, and we’re all being affected by it. Call it a sign of the times, if you will.   

Maskne, or mask acne, is basically an acne irritation caused by a blockage in your pores from wearing a mask. Hot air from your breath or when you talk gets trapped in your mask, which creates a warm environment that is an ideal setting for bacteria to grow, and that can be the cause of your blemishes. 

It can either worsen pre-existing skin issues, or cause new ones, but while maskne can be aggravating, ditching your mask is just not an option.  

Instead, follow these tips to help you avoid Maskne: 

Consider the mask you wear  

Dermatologists recommend you wear masks that are made from 100% cotton. So, if you keep it simple with the disposable, cotton face masks you should be good.  

If you decide to use reusable face masks you must wash it after every use to curb the growth of bacteria, and while the reusable ones made from lighter fabrics are more comfortable, they don’t offer as much protection as the heavier fabrics.   

Make sure your mask is clean  

You should not wear your face mask for longer than 6 hours, especially if you are constantly taking it off and putting it back on. And when you do change your mask, you should clean your face, too.   

Spritzing some of our Organic Tea Tree Witch Hazel Toner in your mask and swiping a toner-soaked cotton around your skin throughout the day will help combat any oil accumulation and blemish-causing bacteria.  

Apply a moisturizer  

Not only will a moisturizer keep your skin hydrated, it will also act as a barrier between your face and the mask, but make sure you layer it lightly because too much moisturizer will clog your pores. Our Organic Rosehip Oil is ideal for a time like this, because it will from a protective barrier on your skin without clogging your pores.  

Tone down the makeup  

Although dermatologists generally claim makeup to be ok underneath your masks, it is probably wise to avoid applying it underneath your mask. Since that part of your face will be hidden throughout most of the day, why should you cover it with makeup anyways?