Back to Basics: 3 Single Ingredients to Try in 2021


After a tumultuous year of maskne and over exfoliation, 2021 is bringing fresh trends into the skincare industry, and we can't wait to see what it has in store for our community. 

Plant-based skincare and ingredient transparency are two trends that are expected to hit a major surge this year, but for us, they've been part of our mission since the very beginning. Our vegan and single-ingredient essentials have been promoting well-being and sustainability since our beginning, so we're excited to be in a space that is growing and evolving constantly. 

That said, here are 3 single-ingredient products you need to try in 2021. 

Shea Butter

2020 was the year of hand washing and sanitizing, and although the pandemic is very much still with us, 2021 will be all about hand moisturizing. We've seen the effects that overwashing can have on hands, and this year people are becoming more conscious about combating it. Our Shea Butter is extremely hydrating and nourishing for your entire body, especially for your hands. 

Marula Oil 

Video chats and zoom meetings are very much still a reality for us, and putting on makeup for virtual meetings is SO march 2020. This year, we are prioritizing our skin health and getting that natural glow instead of faking it. Our Marula Oil is the perfect oil for all skin types since it hydrates without clogging your pores, so you can glow all day long. 

Rosewater Facial Mist 

One big trend that started this year since people started spending more time at home was wearing less make-up and becoming more aware of how our skin looks and feels, and usually our skin looks thirsty. Our Rosewater Facial Mist is lightweight and gives your face that fresh pick-me-up that it needs in between meetings