The Invigorating Mask your Face Needs!

The Benefits of a Weekly Mud Mask

Everyone wants flawless, healthy-looking skin. However, few people know how to achieve it. All too often, people rely on washing their face with soap and water every day — sometimes even twice a day. Granted, this is one way to cleanse the skin, but there is so much more involved in the process.

The truth is that to achieve glowing skin, you need to deep-cleanse your face at least once a week. This will remove the dirt that lingers after a simple soap-and-water wash. Deep-cleansing is quite simple, and involves removing dirt particles from your pores. Once you complete your deep-cleanse, your skin will be fresh, glowing, and 100% clean.


Among the best ways to deep-cleanse your face? Applying an all-natural face mask, and leaving it on for a designated amount of time. There are face masks available for all different skin types, including dry and oily. If you’re interested in getting started, consider using Sky Organics’ Dead Sea Mud Mask. The product will eliminate impurities from the pores, and also tighten the skin for an anti-aging effect. You can apply the mud mask at home, and complete the process in less than 30 minutes. Setting aside time for this just once a week will yield substantial benefits for your skin.

Sky Organics’ Dead Sea Mud Mask consists of Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera, and a number of other organic oils. When combined, these ingredients adopt a dense texture that can be applied to the skin for a purifying effect.

So, what are you waiting for? Indulge in Sky Organics’ Dead Sea Mud Mask and kick-start your journey toward healthy, glowing skin.

Mud Mask Benefits



Gravatar for Sonya

Posted 09 November 2017 at 04:10 by Sonya

Hi! Actually, there is a need to cleanse your face first before putting on clay mud mask as they tend to go drying and can also cause some dehydration to the skin as it tightens the pores. There are actually natural dead sea mud mask with bentonite clay like the one here which is also good for all skin types you can try and use

Gravatar for Anthony L.

Posted 08 October 2017 at 15:33 by Anthony L.

Just curious do I have to wash my face prior to using the Dead Sea mud mask.

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