Deep Moisturizing Soothing Body Butter


Deep Moisturizing Body Butter

This moisturizing butter is one of my favorite recipes. It’s quick and easy to make, it will last you for a while, and your skin will feel soft and smell good all day. I make it all the time for myself, my kids and my husband. I bought a bunch little mason jars and ribbons and use them to gift the butter to my friends and family. They generally love it and it’s personalized.


Difficulty Level: Easy

Prep time: 10 minutes

Total time: 2h30


Glass or metal bowl

Stand or hand mixer

The Base: Choose 2 out of 3

The Oils: Both are needed

The scent: Choose 1


  1. Using the double boiler method (stacking two saucepans - with the lower pot 1 inch full with water) and add the two butters (Shea, Mango or Cocoa), the Almond Oil and the Coconut Oil. Stir over medium heat and wait until they melt completely.
  2. Once melted, stir lightly and remove from heat. Store in fridge for 2-3 hours.
  3. Add the essential oil (Sweet Orange, Lavender or Peppermint) and whip until the mixture become fluffy.
  4. Pour into mason jar.
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