DIY Cuticle Oil

What you need

1 TSP Vitamin E Oil

A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E helps deeply nourish and soften dry skin while helping to reduce the appearance of dark marks and scars as well.

2 TSP Avocado Oil

A natural source of essential fatty acids and vitamins E and A, this oil helps bring nutrients back to deprived nail beds.

2 ½ TSP Grapeseed Oil

A gentle friend, Grapeseed Oil works well on all skin types to support skin’s natural moisture levels. What gives grapeseed its extra oomph (and why we give it the biggest serving size) is that it helps combat against environmental aggressors – and cracked cuticles and hangnails, especially in the wintertime, can be the result of cold, dry winds.

A couple drops of Lavender Essential Oil

Not only will Lavender Essential Oil give this DIY an overall pleasant, floral scent – lavender contains soothing properties that can help reduce the appearance of irritation and redness. 

Roller-ball tube (preferred)

A dropper bottle works too. 

Measuring Spoons 

A mixing spoon

What to do

Making this oil is super easy! Measure out the oils (1 TSP of Vitamin E Oil, 2 TSP of Avocado Oil, and so on) and pour each measurement into a bowl. Put 1-2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil into the oil mix and then using a spoon, stir the oils until everything blends together. Pour the mixture into your roller-ball tube or dropper bottle and viola, moisturized cuticles here you come! Roll or gently rub a small amount of the nail oil over cuticles and dry areas. You can wash the nail oil off after 10 minutes – or keep it on all day long! 

The measurements for this DIY are small and if you’d like to make a bigger batch all you have to do is add one to the measurement sizes. For instance, 2 and a half TSP of Grapeseed Oil would become 3 and a half, and 2 TSP of avocado oil becomes 3 TSP.

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