DIY Exfoliating Body Scrub


A body scrub is great for helping to remove dry, dead skin that your regular body wash can’t – and help keep your body feeling smooth, moisturized, and soft. Our DIY exfoliating body scrub uses only four natural ingredients and can easily be made in under 15 minutes!

What you need: 

1 TSBP Aloe Vera Gel – enriched with antioxidant vitamin C to help soothe and moisturize the body

1 TSBP Fractionated Coconut Oil – silky and lightweight, this oil helps keep the scrub moisturizing without feeling greasy

½ TSBP Apricot Kernel Oil – full of vitamins E and A that help support nourished, healthy-looking skin

¾ Epsom Salt – acts as a cleansing base to help scrub away dry, dead skin

Measuring Spoons

Spoon to mix


What to do:

In a bowl, mix the aloe vera gel and oils. Stir to combine. Add in your epsom salt next and stir until everything is blended. For a gentler scrub you can crush the epsom salts using the back of your spoon while coarser scrubs can be made using less oils.

And that’s it – body scrub made! To apply, scoop up the scrub and lightly rub onto skin. Though you may be tempted to scrub skin roughly, there’s no need for that as this scrub does all the exfoliating work for you!

Afterward just rinse off with soap and water. 


P.S. – If you’re planning to shave today, we advise exfoliating with this scrub beforehand and follow up with our DIY post-shave oil when you’re done! *chef’s kiss* Your skin will thank you!