DIY Hair Mask with Coconut Oil infused with Vitamin E

Dry, damaged hair doesn’t stand a chance against our Coconut Oil infused with Vitamin E hair mask. Follow our easy recipe below: 

What you’ll need: 

1 TSBP Coconut oil with Vitamin E  

A natural source of fatty acids and antioxidants, coconut oil works to deeply nourish and moisturize dry, damaged hair while Vitamin E softens and adds shine, so hair feels silky. 

1 TSBP Honey (optional)   

Honey is antioxidant-rich and a natural moisturizerIts thick texture is perfect for coating the hair and scalp to seal in moisture. Adding honey may be too heavy for those with fine hair, but can provide the extra moisture thicker hair loves.  

1 TSBP Castor Oil  

A natural source of fatty acids, Castor oil helps moisturize and fortify strands and support a healthy scalp.  

A few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil  

Tea Tree will not only add a fresh, herbal scent to your mask but it helps soothe sensitive scalps and keep dryness at bay. 

A bowl 

Measuring spoons 

Mixing spoon  

What to do: 

Measure out 1 TSBP of coconut oil with vitamin E and warm it up in the microwave or stovetop for 30 seconds, or until it is fully melted down. Add in 1 TSBP of honey and 1 TSBP of castor oil, and a few drops of tea tree essential oil into the coconut oil. Mix until the products blend together. If the mask is too thick you can add water or a few extra drops of tea tree essential oil until it loosens up. 

Apply the mask onto dry hair from root to ends, making sure to massage the scalp as you apply. Keep the mask on for 15 minutes before washing out. Then post a photo on Instagram and tag us so we can see those luscious locks! We recommend doing this mask at least once a month to keep hair soft, healthy, and moisturized.