How to Make Your Own Tinted Dry Shampoo


When was the last time you looked at the ingredients of your dry shampoo? We encourage you to take a look but be warned: you may not like what you find. As revolutionary as it may be for your beauty routine, most aerosol dry shampoos are full of harsh ingredients that can dry out hair, irritate your scalp, and cause follicle buildup. The culprits? Ingredients like talc (which has been linked to health risks), butane, propane, and isobutane (notoriously bad for the environment), and alcohol (a known drying ingredient). What do you now, you ask? Reach for an aerosol-free powdered dry shampoo, one that’s free of the nasties and made with the good stuff.


Our DIY Tinted Dry Shampoo recipe uses Indian Healing Clay to purify the scalp and soak up oil, Arrowroot powder - a plant based starch - to soothe the scalp and soften hair, and 100% pure Cacao powder to add a subtle tint (meaning no white cast!) and make your hair smell delicious. If you have light blonde hair, feel free to skip out on the cacao powder as blending won’t be an issue for you. This DIY shampoo also calls for essential oils to add a fresh natural fragrance. Our favorites are Lavender Oil (great for hair growth) and Tea Tree Oil (perfect for dry, sensitive scalps in need of calm). The best parts about this dry shampoo, though? 1. It’s travel friendly – no aerosol! 2. It adds volume and bounce to dull, day 2-3 hair, and 3. It actually works! Try it out for yourself and see.