DIY Wave Spray


Sometimes, hair looks best after a day at the beach – though we could do without all the sand that comes along with perfectly imperfect beach waves. Our DIY Wave Spray helps give hair soft, effortless waves and texture with a few spritzes!


Here’s what you need:

1 tbsp Sea Salt – helps absorb excess oiliness in scalp, boosts volume, and gives hair a beachy texture

1 tbsp Fractionated Coconut Oil – delivers lightweight moisture to hair to keep it feeling soft and hydrated

1 tbsp Argan Oil –a natural source of moisturizing vitamin E to help smooth flyaways to minimize frizz 

1 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel – provides a soft hold to help keep waves intact 

3 drops of Essential Oil – for a natural scent

1/2 cup of warm water

Spray bottle

Funnel (optional)

Measuring spoons


What to do:

It seems like every time we make a new DIY we say this might be our easiest DIY yet, but this time we really mean it!

To make this mist, pour warm water in a bowl and add in your sea salt, stirring to help it dissolve. Once combined, add in the rest of your ingredients and stir until blended. That’s it, spray made!

Now you can pour the mix directly into the spray bottle. If you want to limit the risk of a spill, we recommend using a funnel to pour the liquid.

Store the spray bottle in the fridge for 10 minutes before using.


Applying to hair: 

Shake the spray bottle for a minute before spritzing on hair working from ends to root. Make sure to scrunch hair as your spray. You can put your hair in a loose braid or a top knot as hair dries, or leave it to air dry.

You now have beach-tastic locks!