Everything You NEED to Know About our New Dish Soaps


Since we began Sky Organics, we embarked on a journey to make natural living easy through our single ingredient, organic products that are good for you and our environment. But, that journey doesn’t just stop with the skincare we use. We want to make living naturally a part of every step in our routine, which is why we created our Dish Soaps. Here are five things you should know about them:  

We have two: Unscented and Grapefruit Scented Dish Soap!

We have two different dish soaps: unscented and grapefruit scented! Our Unscented Dish Soap has no added smells and is ideal for those who don’t like to use products with added fragrances. Our Grapefruit Dish Soap contains a natural grapefruit scent that is perfect for those who love giving their dishes a fruity, zesty scent. 

They are Biodegradable 

Our Dish Soaps are made using only plant-based ingredients, which means you won’t find any harsh phosphates or phthalates from our dish soaps lurking in the atmosphere and damaging our ecosystem, like the algae in the ocean. Our Dish Soaps are biodegradable, which means that they are capable of being decomposed by bacteria and won’t cause any damage to the ecosystem! 

They are USDA Certified BioBased 

This leads us to our next important point: our Dish Soaps are USDA Certified Biobased. When a product is certified biobased, it means that it is made from ingredients that meet a specific percentage of plant-derived or renewable sources as set by the department of agriculture. Both of our Dish Soaps share the exact percentage of plant-based ingredients right on the label (71%) because transparency matters to us! 

They don’t contain any chlorine 

Unlike most cleaning products that are sold on the market, our Dish Soaps don’t contain any chlorine! Did you know that chlorine exposure through fumes can be a respiratory irritant in the long-run? These ingredients are definitely replaceable by other, milder ingredients.

They are not meant to be used in the dishwasher 

And lastly, our Dish Soaps are made to be used to hand wash your dishes only. Although it’s extremely easy to just throw your dishes in the dishwasher and let the machine do the cleaning, there are some plates and glasses that are not dishwasher friendly, either! You should be careful with what you put in there and, instead, wash your dishes with our gentle, but effective dish soaps!