Five Castor Oil Hacks


Castor Oil definitely deserves a spot on your shelf. We all know the wonders it does on your hair to help strengthen and hydrate it, but did you know that it can do way more than that? 

Read on to learn 5 hacks that you can do using your Castor Oil! 

Combine it with a few drops of tea tree oil

Castor Oil already has amazing benefits on its own, but when you combine it with a couple drops of a soothing essential oil, like Tea Tree Oil, you can really enhance its benefits! Tea Tree Oil has been known to help treat a dry and flaky scalp, so adding a few drops of it to your Castor Oil will really help you nourish your hair follicles.  

Shampoo hair while dry to remove it  

Castor Oil has a really thick consistency, so washing it off your hair may be a bit of a challenge. Before you rub your scalp too harshly - try this instead! Apply your shampoo before wetting your hair and rub it into your scalp and wherever you applied the Castor Oil. Then, rinse it off with warm water to remove it fully. 

Use as a natural lip balm

As castor oil is packed with fatty-acid rich omegas, proteins, and vitamins, it can also help soften and restore dry, chapped lips. For instant moisture (and a natural shine), simply apply two drops directly onto your lips to nourish and hydrate them! 

Apply a small amount to the ends 

Split ends are a common problem for most of us. Castor Oil has an incredibly nourishing effect that can have many benefits on your split ends! Apply it to the ends of your hair to help strengthen them and prevent any future breakage! 

Use as a cuticle softener 

If your nails haven’t seen the inside of a salon for longer than you’d like to admit, apply a couple of drops of castor oil to your cuticles to hydrate and strengthen your nails! This will help you remove any dry skin or hangnails that may be lurking!