How To Get The Perfect At-Home Pedicure

This week we discussed the importance of taking a break and setting time to care for ourselves. One of the ways we’re practicing self-care is with an at-home pedicure. Below we take you through a step-by-side guide on how to secure the perfect pedicure.


Make sure your feet have been washed to remove any dirt and debris. Then pour warm water into a basin or a foot bath.  Pour 1 cup of our Tea Tree Foot Soak into the water and place your feet in the bath. Close your eyes as the refreshing epsom and dead sea salts and tea tree and eucalyptus essentials oils soothe and soften. 


Using the Tea Tree Foot Soak, you can gently exfoliate the arches of feet and heels to help remove any dead cells and soften rough areas.


After 10 minutes, remove feet from the bath and pat dry. Once dried, we recommend applying a nourishing oil like our Jojoba Oil over toenails and applying Shea Butter on feet, focusing on heels to help keep feet feeling soft and moisturized.


While it may be instinct to immediately reach for the toenail clippers – put off grabbing them just yet. We recommend first shaping your toenails using a file. This can help prevent hurting yourself by accidentally clipping skin or clipping nails too far. Once your toenails have been shaped, trim with a nail clipper if needed.


Now it’s time for nail polish! Did you know there’s more to nail polish than just applying color? To help keep prevent your polish from chipping, use a base coat first. This helps the nail polish stick better. After your base coat, apply your favorite nail polish color. We love a natural green, but we’re probably biased. After applying color, finish off with a clear topcoat to add shine to your color and help prevent fading. 

And there you have it – the perfect pedicure!