How to Get the Perfect Summer Glow


Dewy skin is in. And for summer 2021, we’re all reaching for our self tanners, bronzers and sometimes even the tanning oil (put it down. It’s not worth it!) But sometimes we just want a temporary fix that doesn’t put our skin at risk for sun damage. Really, put down the tanning oil and reach for some skin-loving SPF instead.

For an easy fix that doesn’t involve a 3-hour self-bronzing routine, turn to these 3 easy steps to make your own shimmer body oil for those long summer nights where you want to shine under the moonlight.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

- 1/2 cup of Jojoba Oil
- 1/4 cup of Vitamin E Oil
- Desired amount of gold highlighter/eyeshadow for a bronzed look or silver highlighter/eyeshadow for a shiny look
- Reusable bottle 

All you need to do is combine your jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and your gold highlighter together in a bowl and mix well. Then you can use a funnel (optional) to pour them into a reusable bottle and that’s it! Just make sure to shake well before each use and voila! Summer ready skin. 

Watch how to make it here:



This easy DIY body glow oil is perfect for giving skin a nice shimmery glow without leaving it greasy!  ##bodyoil ##bodyoilshimmer ##diy

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