How to Layer Up Your Skincare


Sunscreen first or moisturizer? Oil or no oil? Swapping out your conventional beauty essentials for simply formulated, clean beauty is only half of the journey to living your best green life – knowing how to layer up your skincare is the rest. Figuring out the order of your skincare doesn’t have to cause a headache – just remember this: start light, end heavy. 


If you don’t know, now you know – the first step to your skin routine is starting with a clean, dry face.

For those with oily, blemish-prone skin, try cleansing with our Liquid African Black Soap. We blend our soap with moisturizing coconut oil, purifying plantain skin ash, and vitamin E to help combat the look of blemishes and keep skin feeling clean, soft, and refreshed.

Those with more dry skin types, would benefit from cleansing using a cream face wash or oil cleansing (which works for everyone!) with Organic Jojoba Oil to help remove impurities while helping keep skin balanced.


After cleansing all that primary gunk and dirt from your face, it’s time to tone. If you don’t get the hype about toners – we wrote a blog post that breaks down their importance college 101 style. Simply put, toners help purify and balance skin to allow it fully absorb the products you apply afterward.

For toners we have a few options to choose from:

If you want a deeper cleanse, we recommend reaching for one of our Witch Hazel Toners (we have three: Lavender for all skin types, Tea Tree for oily, blemish-prone skin, and Rosewater for dry, sensitive skin) while our Rosewater Facial Mist is a gentler, hydrating toner and refreshing mist that works well on all skin types.


After your skin has been prepped, it’s now time to treat it. This is when you should add your product gels, and any topical spot treatments. Let them soak in for a few minutes to fully absorb into skin before applying your next products! 


We can’t forget moisturizer – the most iconic step in the skin world. Moisturizers help keep skin healthy and glowing by delivering hydration and nourishment to the face. Moisturizers come in many different formulas, ranging from gels, to creams, even oils can be used to moisturize skin!

If you’re using our Shea or Mango Butter to moisturize now would be the time! Scoop a dime size amount in your hands and rub together to help soften before applying on skin.


Oils should always be used towards the end of your skin routine after you applied all the products that you want your skin to absorb. They will help seal in all those hydrating ingredients and keep them from evaporating.

Oils not only help lock in moisture, but many like our Organic Marula Oil or Avocado Oil are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that help nourish skin to help give it a nice, healthy glow. 


Sunscreen is super important for keeping skin healthy. Though you may want to put SPF right after cleansing, it’s actually best to apply it as the last step in your routine before makeup. This allows you the most efficient use of sunscreen because it is front and center, directly covering your skin from UV rays.