How To Remix Your Skincare Routine for Fall


As summer days dwindle and fall approaches, it’s time to make some changes in our routines. Shorts turn to jeans and shirts are replaced by sweaters; but there’s also another aspect we need to change- our skincare routines. The weather impacts our skin based on the humidity levels, temperature, and other similar factors, so skincare routines should be adjusted throughout the year. Here’s what we recommend.

Switch to a Heavier Moisturizer
When the temperature drops and we lose the humidity in the air, it’s important to maintain the moisture in our skin. Moisturizing is a key ingredient to healthy skin because it maintains skin’s elasticity and preserves the oils we naturally produce. Because the air is dryer and cooler during Fall, we recommend reaching for a heavier duty moisturizer depending on your skin type. If you’re especially dry, you may want to start using Shea Butter, whereas if you lean more towards the oily/combination side, a more emollient face oil like Apricot Kernel Seed Oil would do the trick.

Be Extra Diligent About Moisturizing Your Body
While we may be able to get away with neglecting our body moisturizers during the spring and summer, the fall season ensures that no limb is left unscathed from the dry, cool air. Body butters are a great way to add hydration that lasts, thanks to their thick, ultra-rich texture. Our Shea Butter is great for healing dry, chapped skin, and providing moisture that lasts, so it’s our go-to during the autumnal months.

Opt for a Gentle Hydrating Toner
 Another great product we love to incorporate into our skincare routines is a hydrating, skin-soothing toner. Our Rose Water Facial Mist can be used daily post-cleansing to replenish moisture, soothe irritation, and restore your skin’s pH balance. Toss it in your bag to stay hydrated on the go (it works wonders over makeup). This product takes a few seconds to mist on and it works wonders to help achieve beautiful, healthy skin.

By making these small adjustments to your daily routine, you’ll be ready to conquer Fall and maintain that beautiful glow you’ve been missing since summer disappeared. So while you’re picking up pumpkins and candied apples, be sure to pick up these products too!