Introducing Sky Organics CBD


By now everyone knows about CBD – or if not, you’ve at least heard of it. Kim Kardashian’s CBD-themed baby shower, anyone? We even wrote an everything you need to know about CBD guide! With all the hype around CBD – there's a lot of mystery too. With Sky Organics CBD we demystify CBD to bring you essentials that are green, safe, and affordable. Here’s how we do it:

No tricks

When it comes to CBD in health and beauty there is sound research supporting it. CBD is said to have relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties that make it not only a natural skin soother but helpful in comforting the body and mind too. Many companies try to market their products as being CBD-infused when they are actually selling hempseed oil. Helpful tip: Cannabis Sativa is just a fancy way to say hempseed oil. True CBD is listed as cannabidiol or phytocannabinoid-rich oil. 

Our CBD collection uses real, broad spectrum CBD derived from industrial hemp grown in the fields of Colorado. It is extracted using sonar technology and then emulsified into nanoparticles that are easily absorbed by the body, hair, and skin. If you’re confused about what broad spectrum means, don’t be. Broad spectrum can be thought of as refined CBD, because it is put through a filtration process to remove THC while still keeping all the other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes needed for maximum effectiveness. Full spectrum, on the other hand, means the CBD contains all cannabinoids including THC and tends to have a stronger scent and taste.

Always safe

When we set out to make our CBD collection, it was because we saw all the dishonesty happening in the industry and wanted people to discover CBD safely and confidently. That’s why all of our products are tested in third party labs – and always on happy humans never on animals – because we want only the best, safest products that you can feel good about using on your shelves.

Easy Peasy

We have always believed skincare should be easy - and CBD should be no different. We stay true to our vision by keeping our ingredient lists short, and using only easy-to-read botanicals with CBD added in as a special boost. CBD is a revolutionary compound and we want everyone to feel safe, confident, and as good using our line as we feel when making it. 💚