Learn How Lemon Oil Will Help You Stay Healthy


Learn How Lemon Oil Will Help You Stay Healthy

The versatility of Lemon Oil makes it one of the most powerful and useful product to have around the house. Full in Vitamin C, it help you and loved ones stay healthy.

My favorite way of using Lemon Oil is by diffusing it throughout the house, this way the whole family benefits from it. It’s also super easy to use – I just add water and 20 drops of Lemon Oil to it, plug it in and voila! But as you will see, different methods will have yield different results.

Anyways, this are all the benefits of Lemon Oil:

  1. Support your Immune System:

Because Lemon Oil can help with lyphatic drainage, it can help you overcome a cold faster.

  1. Wash Produce:

The antibacterial agents of Lemon Oil can be used to wash produce. It’s safe and natural.

If you sprinkle a little on cut apples, it will also prevent them from turning brown.

  1. Appease Heartburn and H.pylori:

It can be painful to deal with acid reflux and H.pylori regulary. You can appease them by adding a drop of Lemon Oil to your glass of water and drink it before your meal. The oil will help alleviate heartburn, whereas its antibacterial properties can clean the digestive tract from bacteria such as H.pylori.

  1. Encourage Weight Loss:

If you are looking at complementing a diet or maintaining weight, then adding 2 drops of Lemon Oil to your glass of water three times a day is a great way of doing so.

Lemon Oil boosts energy, improves digestive health and even suppresses appetite.

  1. Natural All-purpose Cleaner:

Mix Lemon Oil, water and vinegar to make a anti-bacterial all-purpose cleaner. The mixture is not only natural, but also smells great.

To clean your microwave, heat a bowl with the same mixture in your microwave for about a minute. Damp a towel, wipe and dry.

Use Lemon Oil as-is in case you need to remove any sticky residue from a surface, from your hands or even gum from your hair!

  1. De-Stink your Trashcan :

Diffuse Lemon aroma to either mask or de- stink smells. Add a few drops of the oil to a cotton ball and place inside the trash can, under the trash bag. This method can be used in your closet, bathroom or any place you wish to diffuse a lemony scent.



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Posted 04 April 2018 at 14:37 by Silvana

Is this organic food grade oil or just therapeutic grade for external use? Can it be used in cooking?

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