Meet our Almond Body Butter

We’re rolling in the new year with a new product: Our Almond Body Butter! As much as we love our raw and unrefined Shea, Cocoa, and Mango butters, we wanted to make something that was ready made and ultra-soft – so we whipped our Almond Body Butter into pillow soft perfection so it’s easier to apply, and effortlessly sinks in to dry skin to leave it feeling silky smooth.  

Why you need it: 

Our Almond Body Butter is a treat all year round because it’s lightweight enough to not feel heavy or sticky on skin during the warmer months but nourishing enough to keep skin soft and moisturized all winter long. How did we do it? With the help of these key, ultra-hydrating ingredients, of course: 

Coconut Oil  

A natural source of fatty acids that help hydrate skin.  

Sunflower Oil  

Full of emollient properties that lock in moisture and target redness   

Shea Butter 

A natural source of vitamins A and E that support youthful, glowing skin

Cocoa Butter 

A natural source of vitamin E, Cocoa Butter forms a protective barrier on the skin which helps combat against environmental aggressors

Vitamin E  

powerful antioxidant that deeply moisturizes dry patches and protects skin from free radical damage

In case any of you were nervous about nuts in the formula, our Almond Body Butter is completely nut-free - the name itself comes from its chocolatey sweet almond scent.  

Use our Almond Body Butter like you would any other lotion. Squeeze a small portion on your hand and gently massage onto skin—don’t forget to say goodbye to dryness along the way.