Meet our Coconut Oil with Vitamin E

Don’t you love new product launches? Us too! Say hello to the newest member of the Sky Organics Family: our Coconut Oil infused with Vitamin E. Our Organic Coconut Oil uses the same organic coconut oil you already know and love—now enriched with all the wonderful benefits of vitamin E.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is everyone’s favorite beauty staple—and with good reason. Full of essential fatty acids, coconut oil is a moisturizing powerhouse that helps nourish and repair dry, damaged hair, and hydrate and soften skin. Its antibacterial properties help purify and balance the scalp to boost overall manageability of hair. 

Vitamin E:

If you read our blog post about Vitamin E—then you already know why it’s so good for you. A natural antioxidant full of skin soothing properties, vitamin E works with our coconut oil to hydrate hair and skin, combat the appearance of dark marks, redness and irritation, and support beautiful skin and hair. 

How to Use: 

This multipurpose oil can be used in many different ways on both the body and hair. Use it as a conditioning hair mask for softer more moisturized hair and a balanced scalp, or you can use it as an everyday body moisturizer to hydrate dry skin.

Why you need it: 

Because you want healthy, hydrated hair and skin! With cold weather upon us, water becomes an invaluable resource. The thicker texture of coconut oil with vitamin e allows it to form a protective barrier on hair and skin that locks in moisture and helps prevent against damage like wind burns and split ends.