Our Favorite Product Cocktails
 (blog photo credits to @ohglowygirl on IG)


We’ve all been there. 

We walk into a store determined to find a product specifically for your hair or skin troubles, but after spending 15 minutes strolling through the skin care aisle, you walk away empty handed, overwhelmed and confused.

One of the best aspects of Sky Organics, is how versatile our ingredients can be. With the correct use of those ingredients, you can create a specially-designed product that meets all your specific concerns. 

Follow these steps to create a customized (alcohol-free) Sky Organics Cocktail.


For the Perfect Scalp Mask:

Combine a quarter-sized amount of Castor Oil with one pump of Jojoba Oil on your palms and rub them together to combine and heat up the ingredients. If you’d like, you can even include a drop of any essential oil (like our Lavender Oil that helps support hair follicles). 

Rub the treatment onto your scalp and make sure you cover the dry, patchy areas to give your  scalp the love it needs. Once the product has been on for (at least) an hour, you can rinse it off with your favorite shampoo to reveal luscious, hydrated locks. 


To Get the Most of your Moisturizer:

Combine a dollop of Shea Butter and one pump of Vitamin E Oil in a small bowl and mix them well to make sure the ingredients are incorporated with each other. Slather it all over like on your legs, elbows and even on your face to get that boost of hydration. 


To Help Face Oil Absorption:

Drop 2-3 drops of Marula Oil (or another face oil of your choice) on your palm and add a few mists of our Rosewater Facial Mist on top before patting onto clean skin. This will help your face oils get absorbed better and it adds extra hydrating benefits! You’ll thank me later ;)