1. Your dream vacation involves: 
a. An all-inclusive spa/resort in the Palm Springs
b. A tropical getaway full of fun beach excursions!
c. Exploring the bustling city of Tokyo!
d. Relaxing in the French countryside and taking a nap in the garden!

2. Your go-to movie snack is: 
a. Popcorn 
b. Tropical Skittles
c. Sour Straws
d. Homemade granola you made yourself 

3. When it comes to beauty, your approach is: 
a. Feminine, but classic
b. Laid back and effortless
c. Fun and adventurous 
d. Au natural

4. Your favorite workout is: 
a. Barre
b. Any outdoor sport 
c. Are video games a workout? 
d. A chill morning walk 

5. Your dream job:
a. SHE-E-O
b. Travel writer
c. Artist
d. Stay-at-home plant mom 

6. Your favorite meal to cook at home 
a. Salad, grilled protein, and some fresh vegetables
b. Coconut shrimp 
c. Mac and cheese
d. Avocado toast 

7. Your cocktail of choice
a. Martini
b. Piña Colada
c. Craft beer 
d. A mojito with fresh mint from your garden 

8. You love it when your home smells 
a. Clean, with a touch of sweetness
b. Like fresh fruits 
c. Sugary sweet 
d. Green and fresh 

9. Your ideal date
a. Dinner and a movie 
b. A day at the beach 
c. A trip to the arcade 
d. A romantic stroll through the park 

10. Your Favorite Color
a. Soft pinks and lilacs 
b. Every shade of blue that exists 
c. Neons! 
d. Green 


Mostly A’s Lavender Champagne
You love the classics and have a taste for the finer things in life. You love the calm that the scent of fresh lavender provides, especially during a head-to-toe pampering experience. Unable to resist a treat-yourself moment, you love to splurge and can’t imagine a time where champagne isn’t appropriate. 


Mostly B’s Caribbean Coconut  
You love being outdoors and the scent of coconuts, salt water, and sunscreen is your own signature fragrance! You would live on the beach if given the chance, and you’re happiest when you’re in the water. A true free spirit, you’re an adventurer at heart and you prioritize fun over all things.  


Mostly C’s Gummy Bear
You’re a kid at heart! A sucker for a 90’s throwback, you are candy obsessed and love scents that are fruity and sweet.  For you, more color = more fun, and that’s partly why you’re so fun to be around! You can’t resist cheesy little personality quizzes like these because they take you back to your days flipping through teen magazines.


Mostly D’s Pink Petals
You’re an easy going plant-lady who loves being surrounded by nature. Seeing your plant children sprout/bloom is pure, unrivaled joy in your eyes. You can’t walk by a flower stand without getting yourself a fresh bouquet and love the sweet, layered scents that they bring to your space.



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