Relieve Nausea:

Add a couple drops of Peppermint Oil to a carrier oil (we recommend Almond Oil) and massage your abdomen to relief nausea.

Alleviate Menstrual Cramps:

The antispasmadic and anti-inflammatory properties of Peppermint Oil will reduce inflammation and spasms that cause cramps. Mix a few drops of Peppermint Oil with Almond Oil and massage the area.

The same can be done, when suffering from indigestion.

Relief Sore Muscles:

When you feel your body takes a toll, mix some Peppermint Oil with Almond Oil and massage the area that is sore. It also works on aching backs.

Alleviate Headaches:

Diffusing Peppermit Oil or massanging it (may mix with Almond Oil) on your neck and forehead can alleviate headaches. Don’t forget to drink a lot water!

Help Sinuses and Chest Cold:

Because Peppermint Oil is also an expectorant it can help unclog your sinuses and relief your airways from mucus. Mix a few drops with Almond Oil and rub on chest.

Control Hunger Cravings:

Inhaling Peppermint Oil can temporarily control your appetite. Either diffuse it in your room or take a few sniffs from the bottle when you feel the munchies are knocking on the door.

Inhaling the oil before dinner time can also help you eat less.

Fight Bad breath:

Peppermint oil can be used to alleviate bad breath. One drop or two in your mouth will give you a fresh minty breathe. You can even prepare a domestic mouthwash by mixing a few drops with water.

Stop Hiccups:

Hiccups can be frustrating and annoying. Inhaling Peppermint Oil can help. If not, massage your chest with a mixture of Peppermint Oil with Almond Oil.

Control ADHD:

Inhaling Peppermint Oil will not only help your child relax but also concentrate better. You can also dispense a drop or two on their shirt by the collar.

Alleviate Allergies:

Perppermint Oil is great at opening your airways. Whether an allergy blocks your sinuses, makes your throat itch, or packs your airways with mucus, peppermint can help reduce the symptoms of allergies.

Control Hair Loss:

Peppermint helps with the circulation of blood. Mixing a few drops in your shampoo can help you fight off hair loss.

Scalp Health:

Adding a few drops of Peppermint Oil to your shampoo, will not only add a fresh minty scent but will also help eradicate dandruff. 

Save your Plants:

If your plants are attacked by aphids, a small sap-sucking insect; spray your plants with a mixture of Peppermint Oil and water. This should do the trick and eradicate these insects.

Mosquito Repellant:

Peppermint scores almost as well as any over-the-counter chemical-laden bug repellant. Either diffuse it in your room or mix it with Almond Oil and apply it on your skin. 

You may apply a few drops without mixing it Almond Oil, but try it first, as it may cause irritation.  

 14 Reason Peppermint Oil



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