Stepping Into Skinminimalism


Long gone are the days of the 12-step skincare routine and the competition over who has the best “shelfie.” This year is all about embracing the fact that “less is more” with - a minimalist beauty routine - skinminimalism!

Not only is downsizing your beauty products beneficial for the planet, and how much waste you produce, but it’s also beneficial for skin! Who knew that you actually didn’t need those three different facial serums every morning?! I think I speak for all of us when I say that our skin needs a break.

Here are some ways you can step into a skinminimalist skincare routine:

1. Let your natural skin texture shine through

At the heart of skinminimalism is the idea of banishing our obsession of “covering up” or “fixing flaws.” Living unfiltered and embracing our real skin has been a part of our values since we created this brand, but now the trend seems to be catching on! When we put down our foundation and concealers, our skin just looks and feels healthier. How liberating is it to know that you don’t have to contour our face to meet those unrealistic beauty standards?!

2. Focus on products that benefit your skin

If you take a good, hard look at your skincare cabinet you’ll notice that you hardly need or even use half of the products you have. Start by focusing on three foundational products: cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. The idea behind minimalism is to use the least number of products to keep your skin looking healthy, which is something our single ingredient essentials have always helped us do. These core products might vary from person to person, some may include adding a serum while others may need acne medication. Maybe you can consider adding an antioxidant oil, like our Vitamin E oil.

3. Stop buying into skincare and makeup fads you see online

No amount of sheet masks, under-eye pads or “karat gold” creams will magically make your skin flawless. It’s ok if you use them every once in a while to treat yourself or have a relaxing night with your gals, but if you are relying on these products to “fix” your skin issues, you will always be disappointed. Treat yourself to healthy food, drink lots of water, spend some time outdoors, and stop focusing so much on your physical appearance. The best part about skinminimalism, and our values, is the belief that we should fall in love with how we look naturally instead of constantly covering up.