Summer DIY - Citrus Pink Salt Scrub

The summer season brings on an onslaught of skincare adjustments – rich creams to oils, mists over everything, and so on. One of our favorite summer beauty must-haves, though, is a nice coarse body scrub. Enter our Citrus Salt Scrub: Body scrubs are essential for sloughing off dead skin and pore-clogging bacteria to avoid sweat-induced breakouts and as a pre-shave treatment to avoid ingrown hairs later down the line. Our favorite thing about body scrubs? They’re so easy to make. In fact, we’re willing to wager that you already have these ingredients in your cupboard. Follow along to see how we made ours!



We weren’t kidding when we said this recipe is simple. Start with your bowl of pink salts, and slowly add your Coconut and Grapeseed Oils little by little until you’ve reached your desired consistency. We lean towards a really hydrating scrub so we don’t skimp out on the oils. If you want a drier, coarse scrub, or deeper exfoliation – just add less oil, easy! Once you’ve reached your perfect scrubby texture – add your lemon essential oil. Lemon essential oil has natural antibacterial properties that give this scrub extra deep cleaning powers, perfect for cleansing the day’s sweat and sunscreen off your skin. Plus, it gives the scrub its delightful fresh citrus scent.


Once everything’s mixed, store your scrub in a mason jar and keep it in a cool dry place. To use it, grab a generous dollop and massage it on damp or dry skin before rinsing off. Last but not least, sit back and enjoy silky smooth skin!