Find Your Perfect Hair Oil


Hair oils aren’t only beneficial for those with thick, dry hair textures – they’re essentials for everyone! Though our scalp produces its own natural oils, hair oils aid in helping to retain moisture, add shine, and keep our strands manageable and soft. 

Organic Castor Oil

What it is: Your conditioning best friend

Our Organic Castor Oil, like so many of our oils, is 100% pure and cold-pressed to maintain its essential beauty benefits. A natural source of nourishing fatty acids, this oil helps condition dry, damaged textures to help fortify strands and support healthy, more fuller looking hair!

Who needs it: Ideal for all hair textures, especially fine, or thinning hair 

Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil

What it is: The thirst quencher

Coming in as the newest addition to the Sky Organics family, our Black Castor Oil already holds a top spot in our haircare routine. Derived from lightly roasted, cold-pressed castor beans, and full of beneficial fatty acids, our Black Castor Oil has a thick texture that allows it to help nourish easily hair stands to help deliver and seal-in hydration.

Who needs it: Ideal for all hair types, especially dry, thick, curly hair textures

Organic Coconut Oil

What it is: The multi-tasker

Who doesn’t love using Coconut Oil? Along with the perk of smelling like a tropical vacation, our Organic Coconut Oil is full of beauty-boosting, essential fatty acids that help deeply nourish and moisturize hair to help keep strands hydrated, manageable, and soft. You can use this oil as a moisturizer for the hair and scalp or as a deep conditioning mask. 

Who needs it: Ideal for all hair textures 

Organic Argan Oil

What it is: The hair smoother

Rich in fatty acids, our Organic Argan Oil can be used to deeply nourish and hydrate dry, hair. You use this oil as a natural leave-in conditioner, smoothing hair mask, or post-styling oil to help keep flyaways at bay, and help boost hair’s overall manageability and shine!

Who needs it: Dry, frizz-pone hair textures

Organic Coconut Oil with Vitamin E

What it is: The hair classic with a twist

Already full of nourishing fatty acids from coconuts, the additional bonus of powerful antioxidant Vitamin E helps make our Organic Coconut Oil with Vitamin E ultra-rich and moisturizing to provide intense, long-lasting hydration and boost the overall manageability of very dry hair.

Who needs it: Very dry hair textures