How Yellow and White Beeswax Differ


White vs. Yellow Beeswax

Pure, unbleached, pressure-filtered beeswax is typically ivory in color. It features a sweet scent, and is ideal for those products where you desire a light tone. If you want to add colorants to your product, then white beeswax is highly recommended.

Yellow beeswax has been heated and cleaned to filter out debris. It varies in color from light to dark yellow. This version of beeswax is ideal for candle-making and other products where you’d like the natural color of the stuff to come through.


Sky Organics – 100% Pure, USDA Organic, Triple Filtered

Our Beeswax Pellets consist of unbleached, pressure-filtered beeswax. They feature an appealing color and a pleasant scent, and make working with beeswax easier than ever.

 These pellets are simple to handle, and an ideal ingredient in soaps, skin creams, and lip balms. A valued substance for thousands of years, beeswax adds a compelling touch to countless beauty products, from cosmetics to lubricants.

Natural beeswax comes in many different colors based on nectar source, age of the wax, and how many bees have frequented the wax, among other factors. It takes about 8 pounds of nectar for a colony of bees to produce 1 pound of wax.

There is no residue at the bottom of our wax.


Yellow vs White Beeswax 




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Posted 03 January 2018 at 10:54 by Cat Martin

I ordered your yellow beeswax but im not sure what to do with it??

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Posted 19 March 2017 at 11:48 by Kay King

I ordered the 1lb. Pkg of organic yellow beeswax pellets . I need the recipe for melting them down to make liquid furniture polish. Please tell me how to do this!!!
THanks. Kay King

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