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Body Care

Whether you live in a tropical or continental climate, your skin, which is also your largest organ will be exposed to numerous elements that will dry it, burn it, crack it, inflame it, fill its pores with toxins and give it blemishes.

Giving your skin the necessary attention to make sure it is constantly smooth and soft, shouldn’t require too much work, as long as you give it the appropriate nutrients. Depending on your type of skin and the climate you live in, it will require different amounts of acids (e.g. fatty, oleic and stearic acid), vitamins (e.g. vitamin A, B, C, E), collagen and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The Body Butter Collection of Sky Organics, is comprised of three hydrating butters – each ideal in its own way for body care. They can be used as moisturizers or bases for home made recipes, such as body butters or lip balms. Shea Butter, for example, has a nutty scent to it. Because of its high content of collagen, it’s ideal for fighting aging signs. It also helps reduce skin inflammation. Cocoa Butter, has a chocolaty scent to it. It’s slightly greasier and contains properties that help fade stretch marks and relax your mind after a long day. Mango Butter is extremely rich in collagen, fatty acids and vitamin A. Because it’s odorless it is great for making your own recipes and add your favorite essential oil scents to it.

In our Carrier Oil Collection, the most ideal oils to use for the body are Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil. Coconut Oil, has antibacterial properties and deep moisturizing effects, it also helps you lose weight (yes by applying it on your skin) and is considered as super food for the skin. Almond oil, is a hypoallergenic – making it the perfect moisturizer for children and sensitive skins (unless they are allergic to nuts). Jojoba Oil, on the other hand, is perfect for oily skins and dry winter days. It simultaneously locks in the moisture for extended periods and prevents your body of producing its natural oils excessively, leaving your skin moisturized but not sticky.

In our Bath Collection, the African Black Soap is available in both bar or liquid. The soap is made of 100% natural ingredients, such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, plantain ash, Coconut Oil and Kernel Oil. Use it to moisturize your skin, even out your skin tone, fight acne and cleanse your skin.

Body Care Products

Body Balance and Relaxants

By keeping your body balanced and relaxed, you will not only look and feel better, but you will also boost your immune system and appear younger. Many of our products that help you relax do it through aromatherapy – the therapy of inhaling scents.

The chocolaty scent of Cocoa Butter for example, is known to relax you muscles and your mind. Therefore using Cocoa Butter as a moisturizer, will simultaneously keep your skin soft and smooth and make you feel more tranquil.

The best and most common method of reaping the benefits of essential oils through aromatherapy, is by diffusing them in your bedroom or living room through a diffuser similar to Sky Organics Essential Oil Diffuser. Inhaling Lavender Oil for example, is known to help you relax, fight anxiety and improve sleep. Peppermint Oil will help you alleviate headaches and relief sore muscles. Lemon Oil is perfect for boosting your immune system and clean your digestive tract. Whereas inhaling Orange Oil regularly will help balance the glands that control lactation, menstruation, bile, enzymes and hormones. Balancing hormones can help you turn off reaction from cortisol – the stress hormone – making you feel overall better.

Either using it as a moisturizer or as a dietary supplement, Coconut Oil can help balance your body in numerous ways. Its antibacterial properties can boost your immune system, the levels of antioxidants can help reduce arthritis, the natural saturated fats can prevent heart disease and high blood pressure, and it can also help improve digestion and improve energy levels. Finally, consuming or rubbing Coconut Oil on your skin can you help you lose weight.

In the Facial Care Collection of Sky Organics, the Rose Water is ideal if you’d like to feel fresh and relaxed. Spray it on your face for multiple benefits or on your pillow, to have a long lasting scent that will bring more serenity to your nights. Indian Healing Clay, though used primarily for face masks, can also be added to your bath water. The clay will help remove impurities and reduce inflammations, making you feel lighter and more restful.

Body Balance and Relaxants Products

Face Care

The skin on your face is quite different from that of the rest of your body. The products you may need will depend on your skin type, the time of year it is, and whether you have a particular condition you’d like to treat. There are two carrier oils, an essential oil, a soap and the three products from our Facial Care Collection that we recommend for facial use.

Our Facial Care Collection is comprised of a mask, a vitamin serum and a toner. Our toner, the natural Rose Water can be applied in the mornings and evenings. It will, on top of toning your skin, remove impurities, hydrate your face, remove eye bags and puffy eyes and even help you relax. Don’t want to use traditional chemical-laden make-up removers? Rose Water will do the trick.

The Vitamin C Serum is comprised of vitamin B, E and Ferulic acid as well. Their synergy helps your skin accomplish a firmer and youthful look. The antioxidants benefits in the serum, will slow and reverse aging signs, brighten and lighten your skin tone and even help boost the effects of any moisturizer you apply thereafter.

The final item in the Facial Care Collection, is the Indian Healing Clay. Using it as a mask will remove impurities and heavy metal toxins. These clog the pores and are otherwise very difficult to remove. Because the clay removes impurities, it is phenomenal and highly recommended for fighting acne.

For deep moisturizing, without causing acne, Mango Butter is recommended. Its high content of fatty acids and collagen is ideal to provide intense skin-nourishment complemented by age-fighting agents, helping you fight wrinkles while allowing you to have a youthful glow. As opposed to other deep moisturizing products, Mango Butter will not provoke acne.

Perfect for dry skins, Almond Oil is soft and hypoallergenic and can be safely be used on children (unless they are allergic to nuts). Using it as make-up remover, will help you reduce eye bags, moisturize your skin and fight aging signs all at once. Coconut Oil, on the other hand will moisturize your skin and fight acne thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Adding a few drops of Sweet Orange essential oil to your daily moisturizer will have a double power effect. The aroma is known for being an energy booster, whereas the topical application will slow aging signs and remove impurities that are responsible for acne. We recommend mixing a few drops of Sweet Orange Oil with either Almond Oilor Coconut Oil and use them as a face moisturizer.

When taking a shower, you can use African Black Soap to wash your face with. Because it is made of several nourishing ingredients, such as Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, it works great for cleansing and vitalizing the skin. Use it to even out your skin tone and fight acne.

Face Care Products

Hair Care

Whether you have dry or oily hair, think or thick, curly or straight, the collection of Carrier Oils can not only help you achieve the hair you dream of, but also leave you with a healthy and nourished scalp. Although not in the Carrier Oil Collection, both Shea and Mango Butter can be very nutritious for the hair.

If you have long and curly hair, the natural sebum of the scalp may not reach the tips, leaving them dry. Both, Mango and Shea Butter help lock-in the moisture from scalp to tip, leaving your hair soft and manageable. The butters will also moisturize your scalp and protect your hair from UV rays.

Each of the five carrier oils will moisturize, and repair damaged hair and split ends. Coconut Oil though, can also be used to style and condition it. Because it has anti-bacterial properties, it will also make your scalp healthier. Castor Oil will promote hair growth, and help you achieve stronger and more resilient hair. Use it on your eyelashes as well to grow lush eyelashes. Jojoba is ideal if you have extra dry hair, as it will lock in the moisture and keep them hydrated for an extended period. Almond Oil will help your hair glow and shine, whereas Argan Oil, also known as Moroccan Oil, is ideal for taming frizz. Use it as a conditioner, as a styling agent, or as a hair mask for intense hair repair.

A very well kept secret, is the use of Essential Oils for the treatment of certain hair and scalp conditions. Eucalyptus Oil has antibacterial properties that will keep your scalp healthy, and because it stimulates blood flow, it can also foster hair growth. On the other hand, Lavender Oil can be used to eradicate, lice, lice eggs and nits. It’s recommended that the essential oils are used in combination with any of the carrier oils mentioned above.

Hair Care Products

Massage Oil

When it comes to massages, you want an oil that hydrates your skin, relieves sore muscles, improves blood circulation, tightens your skin and of course, relaxes you.These are the benefits you will find when using either Almond or Coconut Oil for your next massage.

If you are looking for additional benefits, adding an essential would be the way to go. For an appeasing massage, use Lavender Oil, as it is known to relax your mind, relief anxiety and help you get a good night sleep.

Adding Eucalyptus Oil is ideal if you are athletic and you need to relief sore muscles. The massage should be focused on the aching muscles. Moreover, using Eucalyptus will open your airways and help you breath more freely

Mixing Sweet Orange Oil with either Coconut Oil or Almond Oil will deliver a more energizing massage. Sweet Orange is also great to alleviate muscle soreness, joint and bone pain. It will also lift your mood in case you feel a little blue.

Massage Oil Products

Bug Repellant

Though they repel most bugs, when we think about bug repellants, the first bugs that come to mind are mosquitos. With Zika as a threat, they are now as dangerous as they are irritating. The advantage of using either Coconut Oil or Essential Oils is that its 100% natural, non-toxic, and gives other benefits that commercial bug repellants do not.

Coconut Oil by itself can be used to moisturize your skin and deter mosquitos to come bite you. If you’d like additional protection and benefits, mix it with either Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil or Peppermint Oil.

Applying the Essential Oils, (Eucalyptus, Lavender or Peppermint) directly on your skin is not recommended. So in case you do not have Coconut Oil to mix it with, you can dilute a few drops of the essential oil with water. Spray the solution around the house, on countertops or directly on your skin.

Bug Repellant Products



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