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5 Haircare Myths – Busted

5 Haircare Myths – Busted


There are so many great tips out there for helping your hair stay healthy and soft like making sure to regularly deep condition – there is equally as much advice that may not be so helpful like, say, brushing your hair 100 times a day (that sort of excessiveness can lead to damaged follicles!) 

That’s why we’re here to set the facts straight! 👇

Myth 1: Cutting Your Hair Helps It Grow Faster

Whether you trim your hair or not – for the most part, our tresses will grow an average of ½ inch each month. That means cutting too frequently, in the long run, will actually make hair shorter. How often you should trim will vary on your hair type and the length you’re going for, but we recommend cutting every three months to help remove any split ends!

Myth 2: Oily Hair Doesn’t Need Hair Oils

Though many people treat oiliness by stripping the hair and scalp of its natural oils this only irritates the scalp, causing more oil production! A good hair oil like our Organic Castor Oil or Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil will help deliver moisture and help balance the scalp.

Myth 3: Curly Hair Is the Strongest Hair Type 

Because curly hair tends to thick and requires greater manipulation than other textures to remain untangled and soft – many people believe it's stronger. In actuality, curly hair is among one of the weakest hair types since every curve and bend in the hair acts as a potential breaking point. ☹️ That’s why regularly applying hair masks is crucial to help keep curly hair nourished and help prevent breakage!

Myth 4: Cold Water Makes Hair Shine 

Hair doesn’t contain living cells which means it doesn’t react to cold (or hot) water. While cold water may help lay down the hair cuticles which creates smoothness and shine – these benefits are negated once any heat is added. The best way to help hair shine is by making sure it’s healthy and using a post-styling oil like Argan Oil that helps lay down frizz which helps naturally boost shine!

Myth 5: You Need to Frequently Change Your Shampoo

We’re not sure where the idea that hair products become less effective the more you use them comes from, but how we feel is "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it." Our hair textures can change throughout our lifetime which means as our hair changes – the products it needs may change too. If what you’re currently using is working for you now – feel free to keep that routine forever!



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