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 Sara-Jade, our founder:

When we became parents to our two wonderful children, we decided to make the switch to a more natural lifestyle. We searched high and low for safe, natural products we could use that were truly natural and budget friendly - but found nothing. So we decided to make our own. We started in our kitchen using simple household ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter, and shared our homemade creations with family and friends along the way. The more we made, the more we learned how empowering natural products can be, and how integral they were to living your best life. We knew then that we wanted the ease and beauty of naturals to be available to everyone.

It's been over four years since our kitchen days, and we're still committed to our founding values - simply formulating our products in small batches, working with farmers to responsibly source high quality ingredients, and most importantly - making clean and organic products truly accessible to everyone. And if organic isn't possible, we'll make the most natural available, because we never compromise and don't believe you should either.

As a family, we carefully consider each and every step of our process to make sure we do all we can to help minimize our footprint, and make products that you can feel good about using and sharing with your loved ones.

We hope you feel the love, care, and integrity that goes into every one of our products, and that they inspire you to live a more natural lifestyle and be your best self, everyday.

Love, The Sky Organics Family




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