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Sky Organics came out of a simple vision of wanting to provide our children with the best life possible. Ours is a family deeply connected to nature and exploration, seeking travel and new experiences, always learning and engaged. When we had our children, our love of nature and our interest in naturals deepened. Concerns about processed baby food led us to make our own.  We examined our soaps and personal cleaners.  Little did we know that caring for our children would ignite a passion in us where we began using the kitchen not only to cook but also to create natural cleansers and creams. We started with simple things like sugar and vinegar, coconut and castor oils. We added botanicals like rosehips and chamomile.  

 We educated ourselves on how products are formulated and became interested in organic farming. We discovered that the choices we made for ourselves and our children had a greater impact. We no longer ingest chemically laden pesticides and herbicides.  It matters that the farmers don’t either. Pollinators, a critical requirement for so many crops including fruits and vegetables are sheltered on organic farms. Every time we see a child delight in a butterfly or enjoy the sweetness of honey our commitment to organics grows.  An essential principle of organic farming is bio-diversity. Biodiverse ecosystems provide nature-based solutions that help buffer us from natural disasters and regenerate our soil. Diversity is a value we share. Many of us have begun to take probiotics to care for ourselves. As we explored our health and things like the microbiome, we came to realize that the farmer was caring for the microbes in the soil as well. We experienced the meaning of beauty from the inside out. We have stood with farmers looking at the sky to predict the weather.  We are all dependent on the sky and science tells us we all came from there.  This journey we are on has deepened our understanding of the interconnectedness of life.  People are a part of nature.  It makes sense that what they put on their bodies and in their bodies should come from nature, too.   

 By 2015 what had begun as a family calling felt more and more like something that had to be shared.   When it came time to form our company, it didn’t take us long to come up with a name. We had learned that what is good for our family, is good for your family, and what is good for your family is good for the planet and her inhabitants.  We are all part of this beautiful universe. Look up…take it in.  Our mission is without boundaries, it connects us all - the sky’s the limit to enjoying our best lives possible.  

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