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5 Ways to Promote Lash Growth Naturally

5 Ways to Promote Lash Growth Naturally


Beauty trends come and go, but there is one remaining constant that unites us all: the desire for longer lashes. While falsies, lash extensions, lifts, perms, and tints have been able to give the appearance of longer, thicker lashes, they can cost a pretty penny (and maybe some natural lashes in the process) and aren't really the long term solution we're after. So before you reach for the lash glue, we implore you to make these small but effective changes in your routine so your natural lashes can live their best life.

1. Pat – Don’t Rub 

Call us dramatic, but our hearts cry whenever we see someone aggressively rub and pull at their eyes. Not only does vigorous rubbing put serious stress on the delicate skin surrounding your eye area (which can cause wrinkles over time), it negatively impacts your lashes too! The same goes when removing your makeup: instead of violently tugging at your eyes with a makeup wipe or cotton round, hold a Micellar Water or Jojoba Oil soaked cotton round over your closed lid and allow it to dissolve eye makeup, then gently swipe it away.

 2. Ditch the Waterproof Mascara

Sorry, loyal waterproof wearers! Waterproof mascara is notorious for drying out your lashes (hence the longer wear time) which makes them more prone to breakage. Opt for a water soluble formulas that are gentle on lashes and make the removal process easy. If non-waterproof isn’t an option, try to save it for special occasions or use a nourishing lash primer beforehand.

 3. Remove Eye Makeup Before Bed

 For the same reasons you’ll want to avoid waterproof mascara, falling asleep with mascara still on your lashes is a big no-no. Tossing and turning while you sleep puts added stress and body heat on your lashes which are already being dried out by mascara that’s been on for too long – which could mean you wake up to a few stray lashes (and mascara stains) on your pillowcase come the morning time. Who wants that?

 4. Make Beauty Foods + Supplements Part of Your Routine

 Lashes are hairs after all, so incorporating foods that promote hair growth into your diet (eggs, berries, spinach, fish, for example) is a great way to support your lashes from the inside out. Biotin supplements that strengthen hair and support growth are also fair game when it comes to promoting lash growth.

5. Try Castor Oil

 Instead of opting for pricey lash serums that can stop working once you stop using them, or worse - cause irritation and discoloration around the eyes, look to Organic Castor Oil as a natural, more affordable alternative. Rich in Ricinoleic Acid, a compound known for supporting hair growth, Castor Oil has long been touted as a natural solution to longer, thicker lashes. Castor Oil’s hair-strengthening benefits also help prevent pesky lash breakage while promoting the growth of new lashes at the same time. Just swipe some on your lashes every night before bed (consistency is key) and you’ll notice less lash fall out and increased length and fullness in as soon as 3 weeks. Pro-tip: If you really want to see results, ditch the mascara during the day and use Castor Oil instead! Naturally thick in texture, the oil instantly make lashes appear fuller once applied – so you can soak up its lash boosting benefits all day long.





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