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Celebrate National Tree Day with Us!

Celebrate National Tree Day with Us!

National Tree Day falls on the first Sunday of August every year.

That means the Sky Organics family will be celebrating on August 6 this year, along with our partners at Ecologi—and we want our tree-loving community to join us.

For us, National Tree Day is about more than paying lip service to the perennial plants we so appreciate. Today I want to share with you how trees can help not only the environment, but the communities we serve.

Some of these benefits might surprise you. So stay tuned as we discuss the power of trees and shed light on our favorite August holiday.

How Do Trees Make the World
a Better Place?

How Do Trees Make the World a Better Place?

We mean it when we say that we love trees. Towering conifers, lush palms, and stunning winter birch are more than just beautiful. They can make a real impact on many facets of our existence.

For example, trees create natural barriers against storms—especially on our coasts. They purify air and water sources, stabilizing soil as a result. This in turn improves drainage and prevents erosion.

And consider these other benefits too:

• Trees promote biodiversity.
Biodiversity refers to the different kinds of life we see on Earth, including plants, animals, and even the smallest microorganisms.

Basically, biodiversity is everywhere we look. From our public lands to our city parks, healthy forests play a key role in maintaining many of the world’s biodiverse ecosystems. For instance, trees support wildlife and protect waterways—promoting a sense of balance.

They work with other natural elements to create clean drinking water and provide shelter from extreme weather, which helps animals and people and allows both flora and fauna to flourish.

• Trees help underserved communities.
Everyone loves having trees in their neighborhood. They create healthier, safer, cleaner communities. They slow flooding, offer shade, and keep people cool in the hot summer months.

Trees also make living environments more comfortable. Research shows that neighborhoods lacking in trees—many of them in inner cities—are about 10 degrees warmer than nearby areas with ample tree cover. This means green spaces and outdoor shade in general can help prevent heat-related illnesses.

Oh, and did I mention that trees have been found to decrease stress, improving kids’ development, and promoting physical exercise?

• Trees slow the effects of climate change.
Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges we face today and trees can help combat this problem because they are a proven way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

In just one year, a mature tree will absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide—and release oxygen instead! This same research shows that 1.3 million trees are estimated to remove over 2,500 tons of pollutants from the air each year.

At Sky Organics, we embrace the philosophy that every tree planted can make a small difference. Our goal is to boost the power of trees not just on National Tree Day, but all the time. This is why last year we embarked on a partnership with Ecologi, a social enterprise that plants trees mostly in underserved communities.

How Does Sky Organics
Celebrate National Tree Day?

As Chief Sustainability Officer at Sky Organics, sustainability is what I focus on day in and day out—and what I encourage my team to do right along with me.

Our brand uses Certified Organic ingredients whenever possible. Not only that, but we recently became a Certified B-Corporation. This certification is proof that we can back up our commitment to the environment with tangible, actionable measures.

One of those measures involves the work we do alongside Ecologi. Through this partnership, we plant a tree for every product order placed on our website—and every time someone signs up for our email or SMS list.

In a little over 10 months, I’m thrilled to share that Sky Organics has funded 11,577 trees through our partnership with Ecologi!

We are proud of this collaboration with Ecologi and the added benefits it brings.

Our Work in Action:
Ecologi Project Spotlight

There’s so much to love about Ecologi. Something we genuinely appreciate about the organization is how it helps to create jobs with fair, transparent labor practices—jobs that don’t end once the trees are planted. These same workers who plant the trees are later tasked with caring for and harvesting their bounty.

You heard me right: bounty! Some of the trees Ecologi plants are fruit varieties, including avocado, papaya, and lemon.

I was personally inspired by the story of Beatrice, who is just one of the many people earning a living with Ecologi. A nursery worker at Nkoben, she provides seedlings to the Eden reforestation site in Kenya’s Mau region. The seven-year project is entirely funded by Ecologi—and Beatrice’s employment has allowed her to cover the costs of school fees, food, and clothing.

Ecologi brings stable employment opportunities—and climate protection—to communities on five continents. All the organization’s projects support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which include reducing poverty and boosting socioeconomic growth. Throughout, due diligence field visits and satellite monitoring hold everyone accountable.

Truly, what a way to celebrate National Tree Day. Please join us in acknowledging the good, hard work Ecologi is doing for communities around the world.

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