DIY Brow Balm with Castor Oil


Nothing completes a look more than nicely groomed, filled-in brows. From brow gels, brows pencils and even eyebrow tattoos, there are dozens of products you can apply to your brows to help them look their best. But before you spend money on these products, follow this DIY to make your own brow balm! 

What you need:

  1. Castor Oil
  2. Beeswax 
  3. Cocoa Powder (optional) 
  4. Small aluminum tin 


Use the double boiler method to melt down the 1 tbsp of White Beeswax Pellets and 1 tbsp of Castor Oil together and stir to combine. Once melted, you can add in a bit of cocoa powder to give the balm some color if you wish. Then pour them into a small tin and use a spooly to apply! 

It’s that easy!