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Get Ready With Me! - Christie's Curly Hair Routine

Get Ready With Me! - Christie's Curly Hair Routine


When it comes to curly hair the key to any routine is hydration. Many people believe thicker, coiled hair is “rough and tough” but it’s actually one of the most fragile hair textures. This is because every coil and bend in curly hair also doubles up as a potential breaking point. Out of the entire Sky Organics team, I have the curliest hair pattern  – so I’m sharing my routine to keep my curls soft, hydrated and healthy.  

First, I cleanse the scalp, but not always with shampoo.

Did you know conditioner has some of the same cleansing agents that shampoo does? When it comes to keeping curly hair hydrated, shampooing every day is a usually a big no. Why? Because as shampoo cleanses it also strips the scalp of its natural oils which only hurts curly hair’s already nutrient-deprived strands. Using a regular conditioner or a hair rinse (mix apple cider vinegar, water, and a couple drops of Tea Tree Oil together) is a great way to remove dirt without washing away oils or moisture. Just gently massage it through the scalp the way you normally would with shampoo. And don’t cut out shampoo completely – we still need it to fully clarify the scalp, at least once or twice a week will do!

Next up, I make a hydrating hair mask!

All the bends and curves of curly hair make it difficult for it to retain moisture since water and oil have a harder time moving naturally down the strands. This is why more often those with curly textures tend to have dry hair as well. 

For my hair mask I combine one part melted Coconut Oil with Vitamin E and a couple drops of our Organic Castor Oil before applying throughout my hair from root to ends. It’s important that this mask is warmed up and applied to wet hair so it can fully penetrate in. Let the mask sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it out. Occasionally, for a nice earthy scent and if I feel like my scalp is extra dry or irritated that week, I add in a couple drops of Tea Tree Oil to take advantage of its scalp-soothing and purifying properties.

Now it's time for leave-in conditioner to seal moisture.


I use our Coconut Oil with Vitamin E as my leave-in conditioner. I have a lot of hair so I apply a generous amount to coat the palms of my hand and rake it through damp hair. If your Coconut Oil is solid, a quarter-sized amount melted up in your hands works. Since this oil is so nutrient-rich and moisturizing, it’s like a smoothie for my hair to keep it healthy, hydrated and soft. Bonus! It smells great too.

The last part of my routine is styling.  

For most curly textures, we needed a little gel, pomade, or mousse in our hair to prevent it from turning into one big puffball. One of the downsides of this is that styling products often contain alcohol – it’s what helps keeps the strands in place, but it can be drying too. As I apply gel to slightly damp hair (I mist my hair using a spray bottle filled with water) –  I add in a bit of Argan Oil as I go along to help combat against gel crunch and keep my hair shiny and smooth!

And we’re done! I hope this guide helped!



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