How to Beat Excess Oiliness This Summer


It’s summer!  While we’re excited to be able to spend the weekends lounging poolside without freezing, we’re not as excited for the sweat and oiliness the warmer temperatures can bring. That’s why we’re sharing our 5 favorite hacks for beating summertime oiliness.

*Mist* *Mist*

Face mists are a great way to refresh and recharge skin – without leaving behind an unpleasant residue.

Our Organic Rosewater Facial Mist is made using only 100% pure and cold-pressed rose petals to help deliver lightweight moisture to skin, and leave it feeling petal-soft. Bonus tip: We recommend storing our facial mist in the fridge during the summer months for an extra cooling sensation!

Mask It Up


Repeat after us: masking 👏 is 👏 your 👏 friend.

Excess heat means skin produces more sweat and oils that can lead to a build-up of bacteria in pores. Our Bentonite Clay Mask is the perfect summer mask to help remove all those deep-rooted toxins *and* help absorb excess oils to keep skin looking clear!

Hydration Station

Raise your hand if you know oily skin is caused by an imbalance in oil production? Now raise your hand if you know excess oiliness is the result of dehydration too? Drinking at least 8 glasses of water not only helps keep your skin and body balanced and hydrated, but it can help curb against summer scaries like heatstroke!

Oils > Thick Moisturizers 

Just because you’re feeling oilier doesn’t mean you should stop moisturizing! Remember oiliness is a result of dehydration 👆 not just oil imbalance – that’s why we recommend changing the way you moisturize. Rather than using thick, cream moisturizers that make it hard for skin to breathe, trying using lightweight oils like our Organic Marula Oil or Grapeseed Oil to keep skin hydrated but not heavy in the summer.

Toner Time

We’re going to have to say it – toners are underrated in the beauty world, but they do so much and are especially beneficial in the summer. Our Witch Hazel Toners help

✨ Purify – act as an extra cleansing step by helping to remove any impurities your regular toner may miss

💦 Hydrate – helps deliver lightweight moisture without leaving skin stripped

⚖️ Balance – supports skin’s moisture levels to help regulate oil production 

If you’re confused about which one of our Witch Hazel Toners is best for you—don’t be. We wrote a guide to help you out!