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How to Transition
Your Skincare to Fall

How to Transition <br>Your Skincare to Fall

Our personal care routines are ripe for change.

The reason for this is simple. Pretty much everyone takes a break in the summer.

You may have prioritized leisure or travel, and simply not had the energy to reassess those warm-weather staples.

But times are changing—so are the seasons. The days are cooling, restaurants and coffee shops are unveiling their fall menus, and our skin is begging us for something new.

As you embrace all the things you love about September, you may be craving something more. Think thicker, richer products. And your instincts are perfectly natural, especially as you get back in the swing of your routine.

With that, let’s work together and transition your skincare regimen to fall.

What Happens to the Skin in Autumn?

The human body is sensitive. It can recognize even the slightest shifts in humidity or temperature.

The skin is no different.

Just think about it. You probably spent June through August in a state of heat, moisture, and sun exposure. Indoors, we’re guessing you got pretty comfortable close to the AC—eager for a break.

Then there’s fall. Known for chillier conditions, windier days, and plummeting humidity, our guess is that you’ll be turning off the AC and ramping up the heat in no time.

Talk about a lot of change. It’s no wonder that fall brings a whole new set of skincare needs. So the same way you may reach for a sweater when the temps dip, you’ll need to give your skin some extra TLC these next few months. The reason for this is that, as the air gets cooler or drier, the skin becomes drier too.

This makes thicker, moisturizing products essential. The idea here is to protect the skin’s lipid barrier and prevent cool-climate issues like breakouts, dullness, and flakiness.

Our Favorite Fall Skincare Recommendations

Is your skin ready for fall? Our Certified B-Corp is here to help with these essential certified organic skincare product recommendations.

• Cocoa Butter
Butters are moisturizing. And while most of us give them a rest in the summer, fall is the perfect time to pick them back up. Our Raw & Unrefined Cocoa Butter deeply hydrates and conditions extra-dry skin, while promoting a smooth tone. It’s 100% pure, raw cocoa butter. This means that it retains its natural aroma and it’s solid texture. So keep in mind you’ll need to soften this nourishing butter up in your hand before you can apply the nourishment your skin has been craving.

• Shea Butter
Replenish the skin with Organic Shea Butter. Raw and unrefined like its Cocoa Butter cousin, this item is the perfect way to soothe and soften dry skin. Also like its cousin, this indulgent butter also retains its solid texture until it heats up alongside your body. For the best results, warm it in your hands. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, use it in a DIY beauty recipe.

• Butter Sticks
Who said you have to compromise on soft skin? Our Organic Ultra Moisture Coconut Oil, Cocoa Conditioning, and Shea Replenishing Butter Sticks offer the very best of the original butters our customers love. Now available in stick form, we created this line to make application a little bit easier and also a little bit more portable.

That’s right—these butters easily glide right onto your skin and can be tucked away in your handbag, gym bag, or backpack. And did we mention that they come in a completely plastic-free tube? How’s that for sustainable moisture?

• Organic Coconut Oil & Vitamin E
This fall is all about ultra-moisturizing personal care—and our Organic Coconut Oil & Vitamin E delivers. The Organic Coconut Oil is full of nourishing fatty acids, while the glow-boosting Vitamin E supports compromised skin and hair. What better way to achieve the antioxidant-rich hydration you’ve been craving?

Every product on this list is perfect for the cool weather. A reminder that Sky Organics uses Certified Organic ingredients whenever we can, we’re a Certified B Corporation and that we never test our products on animals.

So let us guide you through your fall skincare regimen. We also want you to join us as we celebrate National Organic Month this September. In the name of certifiably-better beauty, we’re planting 5 trees for every order placed on our website, and for every email or SMS signup, all month long!

Embrace Fall Skincare with Sky Organics

Sky Organics is on a mission to share Certified Organic beauty care with all of humankind. Visit our website for more information—and subscribe to our newsletter for 20% off your first order.

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