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Meet Our CSO

Meet Our CSO

Our Organic Journey

When my sister-in-law was pregnant, she started searching for the safest products to use on her newborn. The more she researched, the more confused she became. Many brands were labeled “clean,” “natural,” and “non-toxic,” yet these claims were ambiguous, and few brands seemed to back them up. This experience showed my family that there was a need for safe and honest personal care products. Along with my newborn niece, Sky Organics was born. 

My brothers and I deeply value integrity, so in creating Sky Organics we wanted to avoid using mystifying terms like “natural” and “clean” on our products. Because there’s no consistent definition or regulation behind their use, as a consumer, you don’t know what you’re getting when you buy into these claims. For this reason, we sought out pure, potent, organic ingredients for our products whenever possible because organic ingredients and products in the United States must be USDA certified. This clear and reputable standard allows us to avoid the confusion that surrounds unclear and undefined natural claims.  

At Sky Organics, we don’t need to hide behind buzzwords like “non-toxic.” The USDA Organic standard is the highest criterion there is and the gold standard for natural products. Aside from simplifying the search for truly natural products for people like my sister-in-law, our research also taught us the many ways organic is gentler on the planet, safer for farmers and better for our bodies.

The Many Benefits of Organic

So, what does organic mean and why should we care? First, organic products are far purer making them better for you. This is because organically grown crops do not use dangerous pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. And farmers benefit, too, because they are not exposed to the harmful chemicals of conventional farming. Organic is sustainable and better for our planet. Without harmful chemicals, organically grown crops promote biodiversity, water conservation, better soil quality, and protection of wildlife and bees. 

Plus, organic products are typically minimally processed. Sky Organics’ single ingredient oils are cold-pressed, which maintains the natural integrity of the plants we extract the oils from. You’re left with a pure and potent product that offers stronger benefits for your body. When you buy organic, you’re getting pure goodness as nature intended.

Sky Organics Commitment

We founded Sky Organics because we believe in making the healthiest choices for our family, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to share our products with you and your family. But we recognize that this is a journey. While we’re proud of the products we’ve created, we acknowledge that we’re not perfect and know that there is still so much more that we can do.   

Sky Organics recently named me our very first Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) because we recognize that we can more effectively drive change for a better future by making it the sole focus of my work. I now personally spearhead our mission to improve our sustainability efforts as we work toward being a better champion for the planet. 

As we kick off National Organic Month this September, I’m excited to announce our new partnership with Ecologi, a social enterprise dedicated to fighting the climate crisis through reforestation. We have committed to planting one tree for every order we receive through our website plus one tree for every person who joins our cause by signing up for the Sky Organics newsletter. And throughout the month of September, we’re increasing that commitment to planting FIVE trees for every website order! Reforestation is a cause that’s close to our hearts as we know trees soak up carbon dioxide and are a valuable weapon in the fight against warming temperatures and climate change. We hope you feel the same and will join us.

You can hear more about my role as our first CSO and what's to come for the brand by listening to this interview on the Beauty Is Your Business Podcast.


Dean Neiger

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