Oil Cleansing 101

Oil Cleansing 101

Oil cleansing may sound counterintuitive – how are you going to stop your face from feeling greasy with more oil, right? – but it’s actually a great way of not only removing toxins but helping to keep skin balanced and moisturized too.

How it works

Oil Cleansing works exactly as the name suggests. Instead of cleansing your face with a regular cleanser that may leave it irritated and stripped – you use an oil to help break down dirt and grime while still keeping the face’s natural lipids intact.

Though there are countless oils out there, we recommend cleansing with Organic Jojoba Oil because it is lightweight and has a similar composition to skin’s own naturally produced oils—allowing it to work great for all skin types.

Oily skin types

Oily skin isn’t just the result of oil imbalance – it’s also a reaction to dehydration. That means when it comes to caring for oily skin the key is regulating and absorbing excess oils – not stripping – and bringing moisture back to skin. Oil cleansing can do just that by delivering moisture and “tricking” skin into producing less oil since it thinks it already has enough. 

How to oil cleanse 

1. Pump 4-5 pumps of Jojoba Oil onto the fingertips. The amount of oil can vary based on preference – apply as much as you would use a normal cleanser.

2. Apply oil to dry skin. Using your fingertips gently massage the oil into skin to remove impurities like makeup and dead cells. Let it penetrate for 1-2 minutes.

3. Use a damp, warm washcloth to gently wipe away the oil. Be careful not to scrub with the washcloth as this can irritate skin. You can also skip the washcloth and rinse using only warm water. This will allow some oil to remain on skin.

      We recommend oily cleansing no more than once a day and at night. After cleansing, skin should feel supple, hydrated, and free of makeup and other products. Since skin may need a week or even two to adjust – don’t worry if you don’t feel like it isn’t working right away! The important thing is being consistent.